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Bardel Entertainment Inc Recruiting Asset TD

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Asset TD


The Asset TD must proactively monitor and check both incoming and in-process assets as well as ensure that shots are moving smoothly throughout the REnderFarm. When issues are identified, they must proactively and in a timely fashion be debugged and addressed, and/or escalated to senior staff with detailed information and possible resolution scenarios. The role requires an equal combination of visual aesthetic and technical knowledge are a necessity, as well as a good understanding of CG production pipelines and the Modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing steps involved.

Key Responsibilities:

Maintain technical integrity of art assets through the entire production process
May be required to contribute to the development and testing of Mel and Python scripts to implement solutions
Troubleshoot technical issues involving Maya Characters, animation, lighting and rendering automation tools
Follow up with stakeholders to ensure delivered solutions work as intended
Keep CG Supervisor, Production Coordinators, Department Leads and Directors up to date on outstanding issues and potential solutions
Respond to tickets requesting support and pipeline improvements while vetting all priorities with the CG supervisor
Regularly deliver written progress summaries
Identify, report and resolves technical rendering and/or composition errors or quality issues early in the schedule to reduce revisions
Ensure all shot files and output conform to Bardel shot file structure and naming conventions
Provide technical and debugging suprt for other team members and departments on asset and rendering issues
Submit and/or manage all shots within a production on the RenderFarm
Use the Tracker to document the current status of assets and shots in the pipeline
Liaise with other relevant departments to ensure established timelines and schedule will be met

How to Apply:

Please visit our website at:

Why Work at Bardel?

We’ve got great people here. Bardel offers ongoing opportunities for employees to advance their careers through work on influential new industry projects. You’ll also be given the opportunity to collaborate and learn from other influential career minded Directors, Producers, etc from around the world.

Thank YOU!

We thank all applicants for applying, however due to the number of applications, we can only contact successful applicants to arrange a specific interview time.

Note: Only current BC residents who are also Canadian Citizens or have Permanent Resident status can be considered at this time.
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