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BaseFX is hiring Crowd Lead

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Base FX in Xiamen, China is looking for Crowd Lead to work on an Animated Feature Film with several former DreamWorks Animation Creative Leadership!

Please send your cv and link of reel to Amy Quek, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager @

Crowd Lead

• Reports to DFX/VFX supervisor with input from HOCA and Production designer.
• Within the Studio will report/inform Bing and Nathan with regards to key development and pipeline requirements
• Needs to have a solid technical and working understanding of all departments that work with the crowd department.
• Will work closely with Final Layout, Modeling, CFX, Rigging, Animation, Lighting.
• Knowledge in Maya, Motion Builder, Katana. Houdini and Massive are a big plus.
• Ability to write scripts in Python, MEL etc are all big pluses.
• Game Engine knowledge of motion blending and motion clip editing a big plus.
• Good people person and natural leader able to work across multiple department and be able to help various leads prioritize tasks.
• Must be able to work with Production to work to schedules and deadlines.
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