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BioWare Recruiting Senior Concept Artist

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BioWare, a member of the incredible family of EA studios, has created some of the world’s best-selling titles (including the Mass Effect ™ and Dragon Age ™ series).

BioWare Austin is home to Star Wars®: The Old Republic™, the fastest growing subscription-based MMO in the Western world! The Austin team is hard at work expanding and enhancing SW:TOR after its hugely successful conversion to Free 2 Play. It’s an exciting time to work with us!

The Austin studio is seeking a talented Senior Concept Artist. The successful candidate will create compelling art that captures the mood and style for our game. As a Senior Concept Artist you will work closely with the Art Director and other Team Leads in creating character, object and environment art from quick roughs through color comps toward final quality art and model sheets. The Senior Concept Artist will be responsible for continuing to and expanding upon the artistic vision of the project.

Key Responsibilities:

Responsible for creating highly-stylized paintings and illustrations.
Creates a wide variety of concepts including characters, creatures, props, vehicles, architecture, and environments.
Designs original concepts while following specific style guides.
Partners with concept team to create balanced solutions to all related technical and aesthetic issues.
Translates visual development and ideation into polished production ready creations.
Maintains a standard of art by providing a wide variety of different and viable solutions.
Provide research and conceptual development ideas independently.
Creates color moods that capture the feel of the environments.


Bachelor’s Degree in Art from a competitive program preferred.
Minimum 5 years of experience in game development or art related field.
Solid familiarity with Photoshop.
Strong painting skills in traditional and/or digital illustrations and use of color.
Versatility to work everything from environments to characters, and in any genre.
Demonstration of a concept’s evolution from rough ideation to a final tight drawing or “blueprint”.
Strong ability to create a large volume of quality concept art within tight deadlines throughout the project’s development cycle.
Must be able to work within an established art style.
Traditionally skilled artist with an exceptional understanding of the human anatomy as well as architectural and environmental design.
Strong understanding of lighting, composition, color theory, atmosphere, materials and textures.
Possess excellent senses of human proportion, costuming, color composition and be able to render both stylized characters and imaginative fantasy or realistic environments.
Solid understanding of game creation processes & dependencies.
Excellent rendering skills: The ability to provide color keys, mood paintings and style sheets from rough to fully realized paintings.
Excellent ability to work in a team environment sharing concepts and ideas.
Positive, solution-oriented individual with a passion for game development.

Portfolio and Resume:

Interested applicants may forward their resume and submit a 2D portfolio either digitally (preferred – no originals please) or by mail. Please include samples from at least three of the following categories:

Environment – Architecture integrated with terrain
Interior architecture
Character/Costume design
Creature design
Vehicles and technology
Props, items, objects
Please include the following elements in your portfolio:

Show at least two examples of a concept’s evolution from rough ideation to final tight drawing or “blueprint”.
Include samples of color work.
Include life drawing sketches.

A 3D portfolio

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