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Blizzard Entertainment Recruiting 3D Artist, Art Department Supervisor & Concept/Visual Development Artist

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3D Artist

Irvine – California , United States

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a 3D production artist to work on their newest title Hearthstone. The focus for this position will be working closely with the 2D artists on the team to bring their vision to life in game. Responsibilities include creating 3D models in the fun / whimsical style that is synonymous with Hearthstone, painting textures for use on in-game assets and working to maintain a consistent aesthetic across all of the assets in the game. The ideal candidate has a firm grasp of composition, color, painting, visual design, and the ability to convey all of these in their 3D models.


Strong ability to model and texture hard surface / rigid objects within a range of styles (painterly to realistic)
Skilled in developing artwork that works across a wide range of system configurations (looks great on the newest graphics chips but still holds up on a variety of mobile devices)
Exceptional understanding of visual principles including form, shape, composition, design, and how they relate to game development specifically
Superior eye for lighting, value, color, details, and the ability to use them in creating beautiful textures, concept art, and illustrations
Self-motivation, excellent communications skills, and the ability to work within a team
Positive attitude and an ability to receive and provide objective feedback
A passion for games


Strong foundation in the traditional arts including but not limited to painting, sculpture, figure drawing, illustration.
Passion for creating charming and lighthearted imagery
Previous game production experience


Cover Letter is required
Portfolio, and / or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required
Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album)
Must be willing to complete an art test if requested to do so
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and its affiliated companies is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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Art Department Supervisor

Irvine – California , United States

A well-suited candidate will need to be an experienced, highly organized professional with an art direction background in an animation, game development, feature film, or commercial art environment. The ideal candidate must exhibit outstanding communications skills and a proven experience in management. A solid understanding of the CG animation and VFX production process and related technologies is as important as a strong grasp of form, color and light for both 2D and 3D art assets.
The art department supervisor will first and foremost cater to the directors and art directors of various development and production teams. Because of this he or she needs to understand their role as that of an executing service provider.
The successful candidate must be experienced at mentoring a team, be able to work well in a fluid environment of artists who are passionate about making great movies and games, possess extensive art skills (painting, illustration, modeling, texturing, concept drawing or animation) and be well-versed in related production tools (Photoshop, Maya, Nuke, etc.).
Primary duties will include the planning and management of the team’s artistic efforts in tandem with the pre-production producer. The scope of the work that will be managed ranges from comic books, illustrations, concept work, and sculpting to licensed product art direction. The art department supervisor will also make substantial creative and artistic contributions to Blizzard Entertainment’s broad range of intellectual properties and assist various departments within Blizzard as an art lead.
It will be important for the right candidate to have or gain detailed knowledge of the lore of the numerous IPs and have a thorough understanding of their diverse design languages.


Managing, directing, and enhancing the ongoing efforts of the Anvil’s art department staff.
Motivating artists and communicating with stakeholders on Blizzard’s various development teams.
Working with multiple art directors in a service provider role.
Directing communications with stakeholders across different teams and projects to lead them through the creative process at the Anvil.
Taking ownership of the work created in the art department and guiding it through the pipeline.
Planning for future growth of the art department in light of fluctuating production demands.
Strategizing with project managers and producers to meet or exceed quality expectations without compromising project margins.
Understanding and estimating the length of projects and driving the design of art pipelines to meet deadlines.
Taking on art tasks personally if there is a need for all hands on deck.


Extensive experience managing multiple projects / priorities and deadlines
Expertise in leading teams remotely and guiding outsourcing partners
Demonstrate ability to communicate stylistic concepts and ideas verbally and visually
Demonstrate ability to embrace and internalize an existing vision
Demonstrate ability to evaluate and recommend team members for different projects based on strengths and costs
Effective written and verbal communications skills
A very strong attention to detail
Demonstrated competence in a breadth of art styles
A minimum of 8 years’ of leadership experience in the game development / film / animation industry or equivalent work experience
Successful track record in developing and leading teams of more than 10 people (both internally and remotely)
Confident using Photoshop, Painter, Maya, 3ds Max, After Effects, Nuke


A love for movies and video games
Internal drive to constantly be learning new techniques and technologies to better understand how art is created and delivered for different production environments


Cover Letter which should include:
Why you are interested in working at Blizzard
What games you are currently playing
**Only submittals with Cover Letters will be considered
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and its affiliated companies is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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Concept/Visual Development Artist (Character)

Irvine – California , United States

Even the most iconic characters, weapons, and armor in the World of Warcraft (WoW) began life in a sketchbook. Concept artists are absolutely critical to the vision of a game and the creative process as whole here at Blizzard Entertainment. We are looking for a character concept artist to join the World of Warcraft team. This is a hyper creative role for an artist with a playful imagination coupled with a high degree of artistic skill. You will be expected to take a seed of an idea and flesh out all aspects of the design. These designs may include anything from weapons or armor sets to any number of creatures and bosses. This role requires a strong sense of caricature, design, color theory, human and animal anatomy, weapons, armor and costume design, and the ability to both create in and push the WoW style.


Create weapon, armor, creature, and character concepts in the WoW style.
Work in conjunction with the 3d character artists to create a high quality asset from beginning to finish.
Work with the art director, character lead and character artists to expand the world of our game.


Strong understanding of digital content creation tools such as Photoshop, Painter, etc.
Excellent illustration skills, deep understanding of composition, anatomy, color theory, values, form, shape language, and silhouette
An exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy with a keen eye towards form, shape, structure, and silhouette in regards to illustration and design
Understanding of the distinctive WoW visual style and a passion to push it to the next level
A passion for video games


Working knowledge 3D art techniques and software packages such as Maya, 3Ds Max, or Zbrush
Strong foundation in the traditional arts, including but not limited to figure drawing, landscape painting, and illustration
Have shipped AAA PC or console titles as a concept artist


Cover letter
Portfolio demonstrating relevant artistic skills
Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album)
An art test may be required if the work presented doesn’t adequately demonstrate an ability to match the WoW art style
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. and its affiliated companies is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

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