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Blizzard Entertainment Recruiting Sound Designer & Layout Artist

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Sound Designer (Temp)


Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an imaginative, standout temp sound designer to join the StarCraft audio team at its headquarters in Irvine, CA! You will be part of a group responsible for all manners of StarCraft II game audio, including but not limited to:

Dialog recording, editing, processing, and mixing
Weapons past, present, and future
Destructibles and debris
Creatures, alien beings, and science-fiction
Spells and special powers / abilities
Vehicles, buildings, and structures
Environments and ambiences
User interface
Location sound effects recording
Game audio authoring, integration, and scripting
Scripted cinematic mission sequences
Dialog, music, and effects editing and surround-sound mixing for in-game cutscenes
Audio tools, technology, features, and workflow
We work closely with the game development team as well as Esports, marketing, localization, quality assurance (QA), and external vendors and contractors, and it is essential you are an effective communicator and collaborator.
You must be adept at using and maintaining audio software and hardware; self-organized and self-motivated and self-learning; have a positive, professional attitude and a desire to be part of a great team at a fun, dynamic workplace; be able to work with equal effectiveness solo and in multiple groups; and quickly learn proprietary audio game tools and pipelines. Dialog specialists, sound editors / designers with television / film backgrounds, and previous applicants are also encouraged to apply.
Please read carefully the required application materials below and be sure to submit everything.

Thank you! En Taro Zeratul!


BA/BS degree or equivalent experience


Online demo reel or website showcasing your sound design experience and strengths
A cover letter that explains:
what makes you a unique audio professional
your favorite sound design moment(s)
a sound design technique/process that you’ve used
and one of the following:
Your favorite StarCraft II build order
Your favorite StarCraft II campaign moment
Your favorite StarCraft II Esport moment

To Apply

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Layout Artist (Temp)


The cinematics team is currently hiring a temp layout artist for our layout department. The layout department is responsible for the appearance of the picture scene by scene and as a total piece by working with the director on staging and dramatization based on storyboards. The temp layout artist will suggest set designs, pattern of action for animation, camera positions, and cutting that will tell the story in the most effective way. Building scene files, caching animation, and tracking assets through production are frequently required. Understanding of composition and the language of film is extremely important.


Create sequences of shots that convey the story-line ensuring the vision of the director and layout supervisor.
Interact with production, supervisors and team / peers in order to problem solve and share information related to show / assigned tasks.
Low poly modeling.
Blueprint critical set dressing based on artwork to achieve the desired aesthetic.
Basic character, camera, and FX creation and animation.
Some rigging.
Motion capture data administration.


A minimum of 3 years’ experience in production or feature film experience in a layout or previz role
Experience in determining camera composition, lens, angles and movement, and a strong understanding of the principles of story-telling, art, and film
Familiar with storyboards / sketches / previs, and the ability to translate into 3D production ready sequence of shots
Basic modeling and rigging skills
Compositing, lighting, and editing skills
Data administration experience (e.g. asset management, scene building, etc.)
Able and willing to track shots and progress throughout the layout process and beyond


Maya / Motion Builder API programming experience (C++, Python)
Database programming experience
Strong Motion Builder experience
Technical character rigging and animation experience


Cover Letter which should include:
Why you are interested in working at Blizzard
What games you are currently playing

**Only submittals with Cover Letters will be considered.

To Apply

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