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Blur Studio Recruiting 3D Animator, Pipeline TD & Art Director

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3D Animator (Contract)


JOB TITLE: Animator
REPORTING TO: Production Manager


The Animator works closely with the Director to create a high standard of animation for broadcast.

Key Areas of responsibility:

Work closely with the Director to create high standard of animation for broadcast
Must be have strong communication skills and be willing to take notes and direction, under tight deadlines
Will work closely with Rigging team to troubleshoot and problem solve the rigging pipeline
Must work well in individually as well as part of a larger team.

Person Specification/Requirements

3+ years CG Animation experience
Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks
Thorough knowledge of Maya and/or 3DS Max
Excellent organisational and communication skills

Showreels should contain:

Samples of both snappy and traditional animation styles
Examples of weight distribution & physics
A good example of acting & imagination
A variety of walk cycle

Contract type: Fixed Term


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Pipeline TD (Contract)


Brown Bag Films Pipeline Technical Director

Position Summary:

Brown Bag Films are currently looking for Pipeline Technical Directors to collaborate in the delivery of production-ready tools for its TV production pipeline. The Pipeline Technical Director provides direct and daily technical support to current TV Productions. Pipeline Technical Directors work with the Software Developers and CG Supervisors to architect & develop production tools as well as supporting modules in a python scripting environment. Responsibilities include but not limited to Maya technical issues, automating Shotgun, Deadline/Rendering, as well as support the asset and shot production pipelines..

Primary Responsibilities:

Develop, document, and maintain tools for current productions, integrating into the existing CG pipeline.
Train and support artists in using pipeline tools.
Advise artists and TDs on technical planning and production issues
Support and troubleshoot technical production issues
Work with a centrally-managed pipeline development team.
Identify inefficiencies in the production pipeline and propose and design solutions.
Use source code version control systems to deploy code in production

Required Skills:

Extensive development experience in python
Experience in pipeline development with distributed teams
Experience using PyQT or PySide
Experience developing tools for Maya and Shotgun
Advanced understanding of Maya in a high end production environment
Expert understanding of the entire CG production process
Good understanding of rendering.
Ability to work to both long and short deadlines.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Bonus Skills

Tool development for houdini and nuke, photoshop
Experience with DVCS
Experience with TDD
Experience with game engine technology
Experience with Shotgun Toolkit
Knowledge of mental ray

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Art Director


JOB TITLE: Art Director (With Production Design) ( Dublin)


The Art Director will be responsible for developing design concepts. They control the overall visual direction of a production including characters and sets. They work closely with the client, Producer and Director to achieve the highest quality for broadcast.

Key Areas of responsibilities:

Responsible for character, set and overall look design
Visual direction across departments (2D through 3D phases)
Approvals at all stages (including lighting and final colour correction in post production)
Gives clear direction in the form of notes or Photoshop mark-ups both internally and to overseas studios
Works closely with Client, Producer and Director to achieve highest quality for broadcast.

Person Specification/Requirements:

5+ years of experience in an Animation production environment.
3+ years of experience as an Art Director for a TV Series of Feature
Must be comfortable with outsource management with an emphasis on clear communication and follow through.
Ability to make decisions under pressure
Strong organizational and leadership skills. Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal).
Proven ability to work effectively with all levels of production crew, artistic staff and management.
Ability to establish priorities and multi-task efficiently within a high pressure environment while meeting strict TV deadlines.


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