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Blur Studio Recruiting CG Pipeline Engineer & Camera Layout/Previs Artist

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CG Pipeline Engineer

Blur is looking for an experienced pipeline developer with a strong passion for exploring and experimenting with new technologies to help develop robust systems and infrastructure for the studio and its assets.


Improve underlying APIs and infrastructure to maximize studio efficiency.
Maintain and produce clean, documented code.
Work with the Pipeline Supervisor to prioritize the studio’s challenges.
Refactor and improve existing codebase.


Solid understanding of computer graphics workflows.
Extensive experience with Python.
Good knowledge of programming patterns and strong affinity for design.
Working knowledge of C++ and experience with compilers and build systems.
Experience with databases (SQL, NoSQL).
Extensive experience with Linux and Windows systems.
Familiarity with code management and deployment solutions (Git, Rez, Pip, Salt).
Strong sense of pride in delivering good work on time.
Ability to analyze and connect individual requests to formulate broader solutions.
Current authorization to work in the U.S.


Experience in web development (JavaScript, React, CSS, Flask).
Substantial experience with production management solutions (Shotgun or FTrack).
Experience with cloud computation and deployment.
Experience working with render farms (Deadline, Qube, Tractor)
Interest or experience with aspects of computer graphics (Shaders, Image Processing)
Interest or experience in machine learning.

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Camera Layout/Previs Artist

Blur Studio’s Layout Department offers an unusual combination of camera of previs work which requires that artists have a high level of skill in both areas as well as a strong directorial eye. We are always seeking experienced layout artists who are talented with cameras and who have experience with 3dsMax to work in this exciting and highly creative department. Applicants with a working knowledge of Motion Builder are preferred and solid communication skills as well as the ability to work well in a team are required.

Please note that part of our selection process includes a short assignment. If you are selected to move on to this phase, you will be contacted by a team member who will send you further information.

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