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Blur Studio Recruiting Company Creative Director & Supervising Producer

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Company Creative Director


Blur Studio is looking for a creative director. We need a visionary who knows the games, commercial and film industries and has a sharp mind that can vacillate between 30,000 feet and ground level. Ideal candidate is a skilled manager who can build teams, innovate our process and is a true believer in the transformational power of stories, a writer, a lover of film, TV, sci-fi, fantasy and emerging media technologies. This is a senior role for a VFX or animation veteran, someone who can speak before 150 people at staff meetings, write a trailer, pitch a commercial, direct a cinematic, collaborate with large teams, get others excited and represent the interests of a growing production company.

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Supervising Producer


Blur Studio is looking for an experienced “Supervising Producer” to manage the first season of an animation anthology TV series. Content will be cool, offbeat, dark genre material of various styles. The position involves working with Blur directors and teams, as well as overseeing shorts being produced at as many as 30 companies around the world. The Supervising Producer must have 7-10+ years of executive-level management experience, preferably in the TV, VFX or animation fields, a strong negotiator who can balance multiple vendors on a budget and deadline. Ideal candidate is a people-person with sophisticated interpersonal skills who also shares a passion for animation and the creative process.

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