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Brown Bag Films Recruiting 3D/Technical Supervisor & Lead Modeller

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3D/Technical Supervisor



The position of 3D/Technical Supervisor requires someone with an extensive knowledge of the 3D animation workflow and pipeline and has experience in leading a CG team. Successful applicants will have a solid understanding of the production process, strong motivational qualities, be a proven team leader and have excellent communication and organisational skills. They will be highly organised and technically and creatively astute.

Key Areas of responsibilities:

· Project manage the production from a CG perspective.
· Work alongside the Art Director to achieve the required ‘Look’ for the project and ensure the pipeline can facilitate the look efficiently.
· Identify and outline bottlenecks and deficiencies on the project, technical or otherwise, to the CG Supervisor and Producer. Propose and Implement solutions.
· Ensure the project’s shot pipeline is functioning effectively.
· Clearly and concisely communicate the project’s CG procedures and workflows to the other team members.
· Provide leadership and support for the project’s CG crew, both creatively and technically, and ensure they partner effectively with Production Management and ensure they deliver on their goals.
· Collaborate with the Pipeline Team and other 3D Supervisors to make requests and develop Studio’s global CG workflow and pipeline.
· Promote and Facilitate effective communication relating to CG workflow, between Art directors, Production management and the CG crew.
· Bidding of assets and shots.
· Use Asset tracking workflows to monitor notes and throughput.

Experience Required

· Previous experience in CG/3D supervision on film or broadcast work.
· Proficient in Maya and how it applies to animation workflows and pipeline.
· Experience with an asset tracking/management system.
· Experience of Animation ‘outsource & offshore’ production models a plus.

Personal Requirements

· Strong Leadership skills
· Team player
· Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
· Task Driven,
· Self-motivated
· Proactive
· Open to direction

Contract Type: Fixed Term
Closing date for application: Friday 6th of March 2015

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Lead Modeller



The position of Lead Modeller requires someone with several years of experience in a similar supervisory role working on broadcast or film projects.
Successful applicants will have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, the ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a fast paced production.
They will have a well-developed ‘eye’, a good working knowledge of art, design as well as a solid technical grounding in Maya. They will be expected to contribute to the Project’s Modelling Pipeline.

Key Areas of responsibilities:

· Create key character models, including facial expressions, and ensure the meshes adhere to Brownbag’s modelling pipeline with correct topology and edgeflow for rigging.
· Create character concept sculpts in Z-brush or Mudbox to aid look development of assets.
· Create Key location assets which are optimized and economical and adhere to project’s pipeline.
· Work with the 3D supervisor to establish, maintain and update the modelling pipeline for the project when necessary.
· Provide regular progress updates to production manager and 3D supervisor on any technical/workflow bottlenecks within the modelling schedule.
· Supervise the quality control (both technically and visually) of the external asset assignments and ensure the outsource partner has clear direction from a modelling perspective.
· Approve or complete retake notes on the Assets, via Shotgun when required.
· Define, document and communicate standards and techniques for modelling that maximizes efficiency and ensures a consistent quality under the technical specifications of the project.
· Provide leadership and support for the in-house and external modelling teams, both creatively and technically, to facilitate the completion of the modelling assignments on schedule.
· Train Junior Modellers on the project

Person Specification/Requirements

· Must have at least 5 years’ experience working as a Modeller (or similar position) in either broadcast or feature film work.
· Must be comfortable with outsource management with an emphasis on clear communication and follow through.
· Full understanding of technical character modelling to aid rigging (Good topology, Edgeflow and anatomical proportions)
· Must have a thorough understanding of creating efficient meshes for a pipeline (subdivision, instancing etc)
· Must have an excellent working knowledge of Maya.
· Must have a working knowledge of Z-brush or Mudbox
· Task Driven, self-motivated, and proactive
· Must be open to direction.
· Knowledge of Python (and/or Mel) is considered a big plus but not essential.
· Experience with shotgun (or asset tracking systems) is considered a big plus.
· Experience in pipeline development a big plus but not essential.
· Ability to train Junior Artists on the project

Contract type: Fixed Contract

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Closing date for application is Friday the 6th of March 2015

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