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Brown Bag Films Recruiting Episodic Director & Animation Director

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Episodic Director



The position of Episodic Director requires someone with a thorough knowledge of 3D Animation pipeline, with 5+ years of experience in a similar role working on broadcast or film projects. Successful applicants will have excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work collaboratively with multiple tasks in a fast paced production.

Key Areas of responsibilities:

· Partnering with the Supervising Director, the Episodic Director participates in all creative aspects and in all phases of the production to achieve the overall completion of a CG Episodic TV show.

Lead animatics and deliver assigned episodes through HD delivery

Script: consult with and advise the persons responsible for the writing the material the Project is based and carry out of all customary revisions;
Budget and Schedule: work with the Company to enable the Company to prepare a proper, comprehensive and detailed budget and schedule for the production
Pre-production: assist in all necessary preparations for the production in accordance with the approved budget and schedule
Direct the Project; direct the photography and recordings of the production as efficiently and economically as possible and in accordance with the final shooting script, budget and schedule
Post-Production: both during and after completion of the principal photography and recording of the production, organise and supervise the cutting, editing, post-synchronizing, scoring, dubbing, special and optical effects and titling, and the production of any retakes, added or substituted scenes of the production or cover shots

Person Specification/Requirements

5+ years of industry experience, preferably in CG animation for game cinematics, TV, or film.
Prior directorial experience preferred.
Strong, proven skills in storyboarding, animation camera composition, storytelling and animation timing required.
Working knowledge of CG animation and post production techniques and terminology required.
Bachelor’s degree in film, art or related field preferred.
Strong organizational and leadership skills. Strong communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal). Proven ability to work effectively with all levels of production crew, artistic staff and management.
Ability to establish priorities and multi-task efficiently within a high pressure environment while meeting strict TV deadlines.
Traditional portfolio and reel demonstrating drawing skills and work experience required.
Contract type: Fixed Contract

Closing date for application is Friday 27th November 2015

Apply here:-

Animation Director


Summary of the role:

Brown Bag Films are currently looking for an experienced Animation Director for a contract position.

We are looking for someone who is able to work both in a team and on their own in a fast paced and creative environment.

Key Areas of responsibilities:

· Responsible for establishing key character animation, and animation bible for the entire series with the Lead Animator and Director
· To ensure the high standard of animation is maintained throughout the production
· Write scene by scene animation notes for each episode shipment
· Review animation passes from the internal and external teams and write notes and responses to push animation to the desired standard
· Approve facial and character rig with Rigging Lead
· Approve Blend Shapes and Morphs for facial expressions
· Work closely with the Director to understand overall storytelling and humour of the show
· Work closely with the animation teams to improve each delivery and in turn reduce retakes as production proceeds.

Person Specification/Requirements

Minimum of 3 years experience in directing animation for long form Animation productions

· Understanding of 3D animation is required

Clear communication skills

Must be very detailed oriented and organised
Must passionate about character animation and acting

Contract type: Fixed Contract

Closing date for application is Friday 27th November 2015

Apply here:-
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