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Brown Bag Films Recruiting Senior Pipeline Technical Director

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Senior Pipeline Technical Director 2D


Reports to: Head of Pipeline R&D

9 Story Media Group is looking for a Pipeline Technical Director to collaborate in the delivery of production-ready tools for its TV production pipeline. The Pipeline Technical Director provides direct and daily technical support to current TV Productions. Pipeline Technical Directors work with the Software Developers and Supervisors to architect & develop production tools as well as supporting modules in a python scripting environment. Responsibilities include but not limited to solving technical issues, automating Shotgun, rendering, as well as support the asset and shot production pipelines.

Duties and Responsibilities

Working within the Pipeline team, the Pipeline Technical Director works closely with the Senior Pipeline Technical Director.
Responsible for all development and support of the Pipeline
Monitor current production practices to have a total understanding of the studio needs to enable all teams to meet their deadlines
Develop efficient and readable code in, Python, JavaScript, Qt Script with Object Oriented programming best practices
Author, update and maintain in-house documentation
Conduct and mediate ‘post mortems’ with production teams that have concluded to investigate the positive and negative aspects of the production to further improve future productions
Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of trends and software’s used in television productions
Lead the development and implementation of production pipelines for all studio productions from requirements through implementation
Develop and support production pipelines
Responsible for key production software design and deployment decisions
Recommend solutions to ensure technical decisions are made in an efficient and timely manner to boost artist’s output and complete their job more efficiently.
Monitoring current production practices to have the best understanding of the studio needs and ensuring all teams meet their deadlines
Required software languages JavaScript, QTScript, PHP, Google Script and Object Oriented programming practices and methodology to increase functionality in the programs and tools the studio has outfitted.
Maintaining and contributing to the technical pipeline bible
Provide Technical pipeline post mortems to production. Advice on improvements that could be made and implementation of those improvements as where fit.
Design and maintain Pipeline technical milestones
Investigating new software for production
Advice on software updates or changes to production software.
Design and support for production management systems and tools.
Train and support artists in using pipeline tools.
Advise artists and TDs on technical planning and production issues
Develop, document, and maintain tools for current productions, integrating into the existing 2D pipeline.
Support and troubleshoot technical production issues
Work with a centrally-managed pipeline development team.
Identify inefficiencies in the production pipeline and propose and design solutions.
Use source code version control systems to deploy code in production

Required Skills:

Extensive development experience in python
Experience in pipeline development with distributed teams
Experience using PyQT or PySide
Experience developing tools for Maya and Shotgun
Advanced understanding of Maya in a high end production environment
Expert understanding of the entire 2D production process
Good understanding of rendering.
Ability to work to both long and short deadlines.
Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Bonus Skills

Tool development for Houdini, Nuke, Photoshop
Experience with DVCS
Experience with TDD
Experience with game engine technology
Experience with Shotgun Toolkit
Knowledge of mental ray
Experience with Harmony

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