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CCP Games Recruiting Senior VFX artist & Technial Artist

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Senior VFX artist

CCP is looking to add a highly creative industry experienced VFX Artist to the development team in the Newcastle Studio. The Studio is currently working on EVE Valkyrie which is a fast paced space dogfighting shooter enhanced through the use of VR hardware and is entering new territory for mainline game development. For this exciting and ground-breaking project we require a confident and talented individual with a broad range of skills to be able to cover all potential aspects of VFX within game production and be self-sufficient in the creation of them.
The perfect candidate will need good communication skills to work efficiently within a small team following Technical and Artistic guidelines. They need good time-management and organization skills to keep all areas of the VFX moving forward through from placeholder to final standard, and the flexibility to adapt priorities to changing requirements within the team. They must have personal drive and passion to produce AAA standard work and constantly seek new ways of pushing the boundaries and finding clever ways of producing breath-taking visuals within budget. They will be working within a small, talented group of seasoned professionals and require the ability to work closely with Engineers, Artists and Designers alike to design/produce VFX the highest Visual standards

Responsibilities Include:

Main areas of responsibility will include but not limited to-
Responsible for all VFX including-

Weapon VFX
Environment VFX such as lighting/solar flares, gas clouds
Both 2d and 3d capabilities to be self-sufficient in providing assets needed to fulfil any VFX needs
Hitting visual quality whilst within performance constraints

Experience / Skills Required:

Industry standard software experience with a variety of packages such as-
Ability to create AAA standard quality VFX working within visual guidelines defined by art direction and within performance guidelines
Minimum 2 years+ experience of working on AAA console and/or pc titles in a VFX role
One or more shipped titles for console and/or pc

Advantageous Skills:

Lighting experience
Motion Picture standard VFX
Familiar with agile scrum methodologies
The candidate will need to provide a show reel with examples of work which should cover as wide a range and variety of VFX skills as possible. Please provide a breakdown of the work in the show reel that you were directly responsible for.

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Technial Artist

The Technical Artist will work closely with the rendering and tech teams to provide support and solutions for visual and technical improvements as well as together with the environment creation team to provide support, technical solutions and tools for managing and authoring content. The Senior Technical Artist will also be a part of the Technical Art team that is responsible for supporting and maintaining the art production pipelines, the game data structure and refining work flow throughout the life of the project. The Senior Technical Artist will be called upon to support art and level design staff, create prototypes and documenting tools and systems.

Major responsibilities include:

Work closely with the Rendering and Tech teams to:
Provide support and solutions for visual and technical improvements.
Define content creation pipelines for new tech, and if needed, build tools to support them.
Improve and modify existing tools and pipelines to provide better workflows and efficiency.
Work closely with the level artists and level designers to:
Solve technical problems that might come up during production.
Early on catch any issues that might cause performance or memory problems and proactively work with the artists or engineers to solve them.
Observe and analyze workflows and provide suggestions and solutions for improvements as well as tools to help increase quality and speed up production.
Assist the team with ongoing tasks regarding branching structures and data management.
Educate and assist the team in how to most efficiently use the art production pipeline.
Ensure that all production requirements from Directors are met.

Monitor and track game content to:

Make sure that performance and memory budgets are met.
Make sure that there are no errors that could potentially break the game.
Identify areas where the existing technology is not used to its full extent and where visual improvements can be achieved.
Document and maintain an up to date documentation of the content production pipeline and content best practices.

Required Experience/Skills:

Typically requires a Computer Science degree, bachelor or masters, or related experience.
6+ years of programming experience.
Very strong programming and debugging skills in Python or other similar programming language.
Programming and debugging skills in C++ is a plus.

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