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Cinesite Recruiting Character FX Supervisor & Texturing Supervisor

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Character FX Supervisor [Cloth/Hair/Fur TD] (Feature Animation Montreal)

Category: Other
Company: Cinesite
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

The initial focus of the position will be to lead pipeline creation and design needs required to set up and run hair, fur and cloth simulations for use in stylized feature animated films. Responsibilities will include collaboration with pipeline to revise and develop existing tools to suit the needs of the film, research and development of cloth set ups and creating believable cloth simulations for both moving characters and inanimate objects, designing hair grooms for characters that satisfy creative and production needs. Then the role will be to creatively and technically lead the CFX for the movie including cloth and hair simulation, and finalling to plus the animation.


Work with VFX Supervisor and Pipeline team to create and revise existing tools for hair, cloth and fur
Work with the Director, Production Designer and VFX Supervisor to design the look of CFX throughout the film
Groom and create hair setups for characters
Generate cloth effects and general show related effects as required in nCloth and/or Maya. Develop new tools for productions as required.
Oversee simulation of hair, cloth and fur during shot production, in addition to shot work
Work with the senior FX TDs, supervisors, lighters and compositors to ensure a high quality final look.
Work with your immediate team and with the seniors, supervisors and producers on a show to meet deadlines for delivery.


Software: Good previous experience in generating effects using Maya, Yeti and/or Houdini
Production experience with nCloth, Syflex or similar quality cloth solver. Experience in creating other effects such as fire, smoke, fluids, destruction a plus.
Thorough understanding of simulation techniques and technologies relating to character effects
Basic understanding of rigging, modelling and geometry deformers
Ability to work well in a team and solve shot specific issues independently.

Operating Systems: Linux

Working knowledge of Arnold
Languages: MEL, VEX, Python, basic cshell scripting, (Renderman shading language, Perl, C++)
Previous film industry experience

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Texturing Supervisor (Feature Animation Montreal)

Category: Texturing
Company: Cinesite
Location: Montreal (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Cinesite Montreal is seeking a Texturing Supervisor for Feature Animated Films. The ideal candidate should be highly organized and motivated with the desire to lead within a top quality and fast-paced animation team.


Work with the Production Designer, VFX Supervisor and the Animation Director to ensure that assets maintain the design style of the film, and create a world that will resonate with the audience.
Create and maintain an atmosphere where the objective is to create an engaging animated film of top quality, while managing and reducing the complexities of production.
Work closely with the VFX Supervisor to establish the texturing pipeline for the film.
Create high quality stylized textures for digital assets from supplied reference material and/or concept artwork.
Work closely with the modeling team to ensure UV’s are positioned and scaled efficiently.
Give direction and technical guidance to texturing team to maintain the required standard of work.
Provide constructive feedback and mentor the texturing team to encourage the growth of the division.
Work with lighters and shader writers to resolve technical issues and ensure assets are optimized for render.
Distribute work and establish deadlines for the texturing department; measure quality of work and create clear objectives to monitor progress and results.
Provide creative ideas and solutions for the film on both a visual and technical level
Be able to flag and solve potential delays or problems to stay on budget and on schedule


Strong creative skills and a thorough understanding of the techniques required to generate texture images to both interpret designs and accurately match reference material
Excellent Photoshop and Mari skills, and a good understanding of 3D sculpture and paint packages
Previous experience creating textures for stylized characters, organic and hard surface digital models
Strong understanding of image color space relating to texture painting
Excellent Maya skills and the ability to apply and manage UV’s
Excellent understanding of the feature animation pipeline from modeling through rigging, animation and rendering
Ability to work well in a team and solve asset specific issues independently
Experience leading and training others
Experience with sculpting packages
Possess basic modeling skills and an understanding of rigging techniques
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Organized and methodical

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