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Cinesite Recruiting VFX Producer & VFX Coordinator

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VFX Producer


Cinesite London is recruiting for a VFX Producer.

Key responsibilities:

The VFX Producer will be responsible for managing all aspects of the production for a given show. This will include bidding, scheduling, resource planning and managing the production budget. The VFX producer in collaboration with the VFX supervisor, will also be responsible for the timely completion of the visual effects work on budget and to the client and Cinesite’s expectation.
Partnered with the VFX Supervisor, the VFX Producer will manage the client relationship on a daily basis and ensure the highest standard of work is produced at all times

Experience and skill requirements:

A minimum of 3 years experience as a VFX Producer on feature film projects in an established VFX facility
A thorough understanding of VFX and post production processes and pipelines is essential
Excellent people management, communication and organisational skills, as well as an exceptional eye for detail
Capable of motivating and leading team with enthusiasm and clarity

Day to day responsibilities:

Working with the VFX Supervisor and production management team to formulate project bids and breakdowns
Creating and maintaining the overall production schedule and project databases
Managing the client relationship and expectations in a diplomatic and professional manner
Overseeing line producers and production coordinators to ensure the accurate production tracking of all shots through the pipeline to completion and client delivery
Managing the day to day resource requirements of the team and project
Overseeing all client deliverables and ensuring milestones are met successfully
Producing internal progress and external client reports
Monitoring the team’s performance and maximising their creative potential

Software requirements:

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Excel and Word) and Filemaker Pro
Experience using Shotgun / FTrack or similar production management software
Accomplished vfx line producers / production managers / senior production coordinators may also be considered if they have 4+ years experience working on visual effects film productions.

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VFX Coordinator


Cinesite London is recruiting for an experienced VFX Production Coordinator.
Successful candidates must have previous experience working for a visual effects company, preferably in a feature film environment.
(Candidates with previous experience coordinating Visual Effects for broadcast TV may also be considered).


At least 1 years previous experience as a VFX production coordinator / VFX line producer.

Key responsibilities:

Scheduling and coordinating the flow of work and communication between artists and the production team, as well as providing production management support to VFX producers and supervisors.

Day to day responsibilities:

Maintaining production schedules and generating progress reports
Updating and communicating information through Shotgun/FTrack / excel databases, ensuring clear and up to date information is provided to the artists at all times, (such as shot schedules, review notes, delivery milestones etc.)
Tracking artists’ workflow and progress
Organising the shipment of deliverables to and from clients via aspera/ftp or alternative data management formats
Taking clear and accurate notes in all dailies, artist rounds and client review sessions, and disseminating notes to all necessary parties in a clear and timely manner

Software requirements:

Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Production experience using Shotgun / FTrack software
Candidates must possess great communication skills and attention to detail, and be highly organised.

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