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Cloud Imperium Game Recruiting Live Designer, Technical Content Artist, Senior Technical Artist & Lead Environment Artist

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Live Designer


Cloud Imperium is looking for a talented Designer to work on its Live product (Persistent Universe and Arena Commander/Star Marine modules) at its UK studio, Foundry 42 Ltd in Wilmslow.

The position entails work on the ever-expanding Persistent Universe experience and support and updates to existing AC/SM modules.

Team responsibilities:

· The Live team is responsible for all updates to the live product and the content for most demos.
· The work of a Live designer can be extremely varied as the responsibilities span large parts of the game. From inception to implementation of things such as: missions, game modes, game mechanics, user experience, balancing and much more.

The Live product usually receives new technology at a first implementation stage, therefore we can help guide its development and are expected to work closely with the engineers and system designers to ensure its ease of use.
A Live designer must be vocal in ensuring the needs of the player are not overlooked and maintain a finger on the pulse of the community.

Personal responsibilities:

Creation of multiplayer missions and expansion as new system and mechanics come online.
Working closely with the Engineering and System Design to improve AI, gameplay, mechanics, tools, etc.
Working with Environment Art and Level Design to ensure a perfect balance between gameplay setup and visual direction.
Working with Narrative to build engaging stories for mission and locations.
Placement of locations within the solar system and on planets.
Willingness to follow and learn from the community using resources such as Reddit, Spectrum, and Twitch.
Maintaining strong relationships with other departments and projecting a professional face of the Live team.
Capacity to work to frequent deadlines.


Knowledge and prior experience with multiple scripting or coding languages.
Minimum of 4 years of game industry experience.
Previous experience on a AAA multiplayer game.
Strong communicator, both oral and written.


Prior experience with the CryEngine.
A passion for story-telling.

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Technical Content Artist


Cloud Imperium Games is the groundbreaking development team behind the highly anticipated space sim Star Citizen. We continue to set higher standards of quality and push the boundaries on what is possible in a modern game engine. We are a group of talented developers in a fast-paced environment and encourage ownership and thinking on your feet. Join our team of star-performers in pushing the envelope on in game visuals.

Job Description

Foundry 42 is looking for a Technical Content Artist to join the Props team. The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of game art creation and should strive to push the boundaries of next gen art. They should be extremely organized, adaptable and understand technical limitations and budgets. This cross over role of content creation and content management requires you to be able to give feedback, audit and organize ever growing libraries of assets and set technical standards. You will be relied upon to work with other departments to support new features and drive the technical approach for the props team.


Work with the Lead Prop artist to push the quality of artwork both visually and technically.
Aid in the management of props created by partner studios and external vendors.
Audit existing assets and highlight areas of improvements and optimizations.
Work with other teams throughout the business to determine the correct approach for asset creation.
Document and maintain best working practices and share knowledge throughout the team.
Audit and maintain asset libraries and backlot levels.
Cross team communication and be a point of contact and ambassador for sharing knowledge and information.
Deliver consistent and high quality models while being mindful of budgets and technical requirements.


Previous experience creating high quality assets for AAA games.
Thorough knowledge of the game development process.
Experience in an asset management / feature ownership position.
Experience giving feedback and preparing assets for outsource.
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
An understanding of effective asset creation and optimization.
Strong working knowledge of 3DS Max and Photoshop.
Excellent sense of form, mass and volume.
Passion for pushing the state of the art in asset fidelity and production techniques.
High degree of self-motivation and initiative.
Knowledge and/or experience with PBR (physically based rendering).


Experience with Cry Engine.
Hard surface modeling experience.
An avid gamer.

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK

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Senior Technical Artist


Foundry 42 has an opening for a Senior Technical Artist. We are looking for a talented, ambitious person who can meet the requirements below:

Technical Artists are responsible for the correct technical implementation of art content. They should be able to solve any technological issues related to art production. In close cooperation with the Art Production and R&D Groups they should work on improving the existing pipelines and developing new tools for the Art Production Groups.


• Working with the Art Groups and Programmers to effectively produce technically correct art content
• Checking assets in terms of the technical setup for their usage in Lumberyard
• Creating / improving different scripts / pipelines for art asset production
• Problem solving for optimizations/fixes/modifications
• Full support on internal tools
• Troubleshooting asset-related technical issues (3DS Max, Photoshop, etc.)
• Writing technical documentation
• Making recommendations on how to improve both product quality and group productivity
• Providing guidance and assistance to the Art Groups where required
• Coordinating with the other Studios within CIG to achieve project objectives*


• Strong knowledge of 3DS Max/Maya and Photoshop
• Experience in creating art assets for PC games using 3DS Max/CryEngine/Maya
• Proficiency in MaxScript/MEL
• At least three years of relevant experience in the game development industry
• Self-driven, responsible and detail-oriented person
• Passion for computer games
• Ability to adapt to new technologies
• Strong passion for making the best damn space sim ever
• Team player
• International travel may be required as part of the role


• Experience in using CryEngine/Lumberyard
• Knowledge of Perforce
• Experience in other scripting and programming languages (Python, C++/C#/Lua)
• Knowledge of complex rigging
• PRB shader knowledge
• Knowledge of procedural generation

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK

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Lead Environment Artist

Foundry 42 Ltd. is looking for a Lead Environment Artist to drive the art production and pipelines for the First Person Shooter areas of Star Citizen/Squadron 42 with the production and engine groups across multiple studios.

The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of environment asset creation and modular kit-based construction methodologies. They understand all phases of environment creation from block-out through lighting. They work well and communicate with designers and other disciplines in a collaborative team oriented development process.

Sample pictures or portfolio link, which shows sample work are necessary.

Portfolio or demo reel should demonstrate:

Exceptional modeling skills. Great assets examples using custom normal workflow or high to low poly baking
Strong understanding of a PBR workflow
Examples of building realistic shader libraries
Examples of beautifully finished environments
Ability to create game ready assets, that work well within the given technical limitations
Very strong texturing skills and excellent knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
Keen eye on detail and realism
A strong sense for composition, color and light
At least average drawing/painting skills


· Lead the creation of environment creation
· Lead by example to set the Environment Art quality level, and technical best practices
· Define art production budgets, pipelines, workflows and processes
· Be a go-to person for expert knowledge of modeling, texturing and optimization of assets through next gen pipeline
· Take direction, give direction, iterate on look and feel, gather feedback from the entire team and lead review of other artists work
· Work with Art and Game Directors to define and shape the overall look and feel of the game
· Work closely with the design team to detail the goals and functionality of game levels and needed environment props
· Work with production to determine asset requirements, scheduling needs, and integration processes
· Work with technical artists and engineers in the development and streamlining of tools and processes


· 5+ years professional game production experience
· 1+ year experience in a leadership role
· Previous experience creating high quality environments for AAA games
· Thorough knowledge of the game development process
· Shipped (from pre-production to release) 2-3+, large scale, 3D titles (PC, current/next-gen consoles)
· A strong ability to create believable environments within a games engine
· Strong knowledge of 3DS Max, Photoshop and Zbrush / Mudbox as well as experience in using editors to lay out environments
· Good understanding of custom normal asset workflows
· Strong knowledge of Substance / Quixel packages
· Ability to derive a well-structured lowpoly model from the high poly model
· Strong understanding of efficient UV layout for lowpoly objects
· Strong understanding of modular level creation methods
· Experience creating environments using modular systems
· An understanding of effective asset creation and optimization
· A strong understanding of shader functionality
· In-depth knowledge and/or experience with PBR
· Experience applying and tweaking shaders
· A keen eye for spatial composition and building believable scenes
· Excellent sense of form, mass and volume
· Passion for pushing the state of the art in asset fidelity and production techniques
· Strong understanding of asset pipelines and agile development environments
· Passion and constant drive to stay up to date with latest technology and new techniques
· Inherent ability to bring out the best in people around you, remains positive, and motivate your team
· Expert in time management, verbal and written communication skills
· Ability to gather, analyse, and act on feedback from the team, openness to critique
· Focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion
· Keep a positive team-oriented attitude
· Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision
· Ability to complete tasks within given time constraints
· Excellent English communication and written skills
· International travel may be required as part of the role


· Knowledge with CryENGINE
· Hard surface modeling experience
· Experience with programmatic and/or parametric environment generation tools
· Experience in architecture, interior or industrial design
· Experience creating assets for Open World games
· Strong interest in science fiction based themes
· Experience with Outsourcing and/or collaboration with external studios
· The ability to manage and supervise mid-level and junior artists and willingness to carry out mentorship tasks

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK

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