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Cloud Imperium Game Recruiting Producer & Live Designer

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Cloud Imperium Games is looking for an experienced Producer to join us in our Derby office in the UK.

Would you like to be a part of a team making video game history? The international studio Cloud Imperium Games under the direction of Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander, is seeking an accomplished and experienced Producer to join the UK team based at Foundry 42 in Derby, UK.


Serve as a driving force for “Star Citizen” and “Squadron 42”, facilitating communication, organization, and accountability across each department, and reporting to the Senior Producer

Responsible for all animation Production in the Derby office
Driving and taking active involvement in Facial Animation, Tech Animation, Body animation and Mo-cap editing
Own and support Derby Animation pipelines and/or teams to the overall success of the game and drive them to a timely completion
Own and create short, mid and long term schedules for the animation teams in Derby and ensure that goals and deadlines are clearly communicated outward.
Compile and send out regular reports on team progress and accomplishments.
Identify, communicate and resolve any risks that may prevent the team from completing any deadlines to production leadership and team leads
Schedule and attend meetings; set agendas; take concise and comprehensive notes and distribute them to appropriate personnel
Provide guidance and motivation to team members, making sure that goals and deadlines are achieved.
Communicate with all members of production, providing visibility on project status, risks and opportunities.
Work with team leads to develop efficient work methods and pipelines.
Evangelize efficient processes and policies to team leadership.
Provide mentorship with Leads to junior staff on improved practices
Serve as custodian of team health, and foster a culture of success.
Work with Outsourcing teams to ensure we have high quality delivered products achieving company goals


Worked on a full AAA-project life cycle.
Expert with project management development tools (MS Project, JIRA. MS Office, Shotgun, etc.)
Expert in project management methodologies with previous Scrum, Prince2 and/or Kanban experience.
Skilled in risk assessment, management and scheduling.
Unsurpassed verbal and written communication.
Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative
Excellent problem solver and ability to bring order to chaos.
Superb relationship building skills (locally & internationally
Experience dealing with Outsourcing
International travel may be required as part of the role.
Experience working in Animation departments or Animation Production


1-2 years of animation background is desirable

Location: Derby,UK

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Live Designer – FPS Specialist


Cloud Imperium is looking for a talented Designer to work on its Live product (Persistent Universe and Arena Commander/Star Marine modules) at its UK studio, Foundry 42 Ltd in Wilmslow.
The position entails work on the ever-expanding Persistent Universe experience and support and updates to existing AC/SM modules.

Team responsibilities:

The Live team is responsible for all updates to the live product and the content for most demos.
The work of a Live designer can be extremely varied as the responsibilities span large parts of the game. From inception to implementation of things such as: missions, game modes, game mechanics, user experience, balancing and much more.
The Live product usually receives new technology at a first implementation stage, therefore we can help guide its development and are expected to work closely with the engineers and system designers to ensure its ease of use.
A Live designer must be vocal in ensuring the needs of the player are not overlooked and maintain a finger on the pulse of the community.

Personal responsibilities:

Creation of multiplayer missions and expansion as new system and mechanics come online.
Working closely with the Engineering and System Design to improve AI, gameplay, mechanics, tools, etc.
Working with Environment Art and Level Design to ensure a perfect balance between gameplay setup and visual direction.
Working with Narrative to build engaging stories for mission and locations.
Placement of locations within the solar system and on planets.
Willingness to follow and learn from the community using resources such as Reddit, Spectrum, and Twitch.
Maintaining strong relationships with other departments and projecting a professional face of the Live team.
Capacity to work to frequent deadlines.

Specialist responsibilities:

Be the Live department’s go-to person for FPS-oriented locations.
Creation, maintenance and improvement of multiplayer game modes for the Star Marine module.


Knowledge and prior experience with multiple scripting or coding languages.
Minimum of 4 years of game industry experience.
Previous experience on a AAA multiplayer game.
Strong communicator, both oral and written.

Specialist requirements:

Previous experience of level design on a AAA multiplayer FPS.
A passion for creating FPS maps.


Prior experience with the CryEngine.
A passion for story-telling.

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