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Cloud Imperium Game Recruiting Senior Lighting Artist, Audio Engineer & Senior Game/Animation Programmer

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Senior Lighting Artist


The Senior Lighting Artist will work in a cooperative, international, cross-disciplinary team environment, possessing solid artistic skills, including a thorough understanding of color theory, composition, light, and form. They should have experience with a 3D CG package, demonstrating a solid understanding of rendering, lighting, shading networks, polygonal modeling, and texture UV’s. They should also demonstrate a strong ability to utilize in-house tools to solve technical problems and improve performance as well as interacting with engineers to help develop new tools and workflows.


Involved in look-development around key surfaces and shaders to ensure lighting delivers against visual reference
Creating both the exterior and interior lighting within environments and cut scenes.
Placing and adjustment of light sources within the environment.
Tweaking of shading materials and textures to improve the perception of the lighting.
Post processing; color grading, exposure, SSAO, bloom, tone mapping curves etc.
Contributing to the development and placement of special effects related to lighting and atmosphere, such as light flares, fog, god rays and camera optics.
Prototyping the use of lighting technology to reach the visual targets defined by the art direction.
Profile existing and future levels to maximize the quality of lighting on characters and environments while staying within performance budgets.

Experience & Skills:

Experience in creating and shipping AAA quality titles as a real-time lighting artist.
Deep understanding of CG lighting technology, both real-time and software rendering.
Strong sense of lighting theory; color space, exposure, light fixtures, natural light, reflections etc.
Good understanding of cinematography and dramaturgy; the use of camera technology, scene blocking and lighting to set the mood.
Good understanding and experience with physical based lighting system
Being pro-active in the use of lighting as a powerful tool in gameplay clarity. For example; to guide the player forward, highlight objectives and enemies.
An ability to thoroughly digest the art direction and be a champion for executing it in the game.
Skilled at balancing visual quality against performance requirements.
Thorough knowledge of the game development process.
Great communication skills and an ability to work autonomously with minimal guidance.
Working knowledge of Maya, and/or other commercial 3D authoring packages.


International travel may be required as part of the role
Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Excellent English communication and written skills

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Jr/Sr Audio Engineer


Foundry 42 is looking for a Junior Audio Programmer to work on our exciting PC space combat sim, Star Citizen.
You will work in-house at our studio in Manchester, UK, in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment to implement game audio features and systems in Cloud Imperium’s games.


Working day-to-day with members of the CIG Audio department on audio implementation
Collaborating closely with sound designers, and dialogue & music implementation specialists on designing and engineering high level audio systems to maximise the end-user’s sonic experience
Developing, enhancing and optimising the audio engine wherever possible
Maintaining and improving tools, assistive tech and audio workflow within the game and editor
Contributing to maintenance of audio asset build systems, including the dialogue/localisation pipeline
Designing and producing unit testing/automated testing systems with an emphasis on audio
Taking ownership of aforementioned systems and iterating upon them; documenting where appropriate
Sharing knowledge and expertise to improve the CIG Audio programming team as a whole
Continually learning and improving upon your audio programming skills and how to apply them


Strong C++ programming skills
Good, relevant qualifications
A passion for making and playing games
Can work well in a cooperative team environment
Knowledge of or strong interest in audio engineering, principles of sound, acoustics, digital signal processing
Ability to adapt and learn quickly

Bonus points can include:

Familiarity with WWise, and/or other game audio systems
Working demos
Familiarity with game engines and middleware
Multi-threaded programming skills and knowledge
Understanding of networking code
An interest in procedural audio techniques

Location: Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK

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Senior Game/Animation Programmer


Foundry 42 Ltd in Frankfurt, Germany is looking for a talented and experienced Senior Game/Animation Programmer to work on the First Person Shooter areas of Star Citizen and Squadron 42 with the code and production groups across multiple studios.


• Work with existing engine code base to develop and enhance the core animation systems
• Develop game code and extend animation code for a high profile game
• Ensure consistency with other character related disciplines such as design, animation, tech art, audio and game code
• Design and implement well-engineered, reliable, maintainable, and bug-free code
• Collaborate with team members to develop various gameplay systems
• Develop and test code, fix bugs, and profile and optimize code as directed
• Follow best practices, development processes, and coding standards
• Document and peer review technical designs with other software engineers
• Work with QA, providing information needed to fully test developed code
• Keep up to date on state-of-the-art software engineering methods, practices, and technologies
• Actively participate in team working on project by making recommendations on how to improve product quality as well as group productivity
• Provide input to department project status meetings
• Work well together with other team members in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment
• Identify technical and developmental risks/obstacles and generate solutions to overcome identified risks
• Possess and develop areas of engineering expertise
• Mentor other engineers as needed to increase their abilities and productivity


• 5+ years professional game production experience
• Shipped (from pre-production to release) 2-3+, large scale, 3D titles (PC, current/next-gen consoles)
• Clear interest in creating animation technology
• Experience solving animation and character related problems within game development
• Expert in 3D animation and 3D math
• Basic knowledge of player and AI systems (state machines, behavior trees, input handling, etc.)
• Experience with 3D character and/or vehicle animation systems including skeletal animation
• Knowledge of skinning and morph target technology
• Experience with using IK, blending, and motion capture data in games
• Excellent understanding of C++
• Experience with current console and PC development processes
• Experience with state-of-the-art game development tools and methods
• Excellent problem-solving skills
• Experience programming game features and systems, especially player-visible game features
• Strong software engineering and debugging skills
• Continue to enhance programming and communications skills
• Expert in time management, verbal and written communication skills
• Focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion
• Keep a positive team-oriented attitude
• Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision
• Ability to complete tasks to a consistent high quality standard within given time constraints
• Excellent English communication and written skills
• Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main, Germany
• International travel may be required as part of the role


• Knowledge with CryENGINE
• Experience developing animation technology (such as IK/FK systems, blend trees, facial animation systems, etc.)
• Experience with multi-thread programming
• Experience with multiplayer programming
• Experience with large codebases
• Master’s degree or higher
• Experience working on asset pipelines and tools
• Knowledge of scripting languages
• Experience with Maya or similar DCC tools
• Experience with motion capture systems

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