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Cloud Imperium Game Recruiting Sound Designer & UI Artist

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Sound Designer


Cloud Imperium Games is looking to add an experienced Sound Designer to the CIG Audio team, based at Foundry 42 Ltd in Wilmslow, UK.

This is potentially open to anyone from junior to principal level.

The ideal applicant will have strong technical knowledge of Wwise middleware, and will have shipped at least one title, ideally more; the successful applicant will be expected to be able to adjust to different development tools as we’re developing a lot of our own tech. This project is very technical in its nature and as such you’ll be expected to drive progress of systems and tools and pick up our toolset (based on Amazon Lumberyard) quickly.

As a Sound Designer, as well as the usual prerequisites of producing world class sound content and setting a high audio standard internally, you will assist in pushing for a high quality bar and you should have an idea of how to push it higher! The sound of Star Citizen is being forged by a centralised core audio team where all members are encouraged to explore concepts and present ideas to their team mates.
In depth experience of working on FPS titles will prove useful, and a love of space/science fiction always helps!
Please apply with a demo-reel/portfolio.


· Have a genuine passion for games and be invested in the latest developments within game sound
· World class sound effect design and implementation. We may have a lot of memory and CPU to play with but you’ll still want to spend them wisely
· Act as primary audio point person, liaising with game designers about their audio needs
· Specify and design audio tools for our audio programming team. If you can talk their language(s), so much the better
· Responsive to feedback from peers on the team. We should be able to criticise each other’s work
· Innovative and adaptable; able to drive new audio features and develop methodologies for continuous improvement across the department
· Collaborate on design approaches to the sound of the game, actively looking to assist others with your experience and knowledge
· Should also be able to work independently, take ownership of aspects of the sound and achieve impressive results
· Keen to collaborate closely with members of the wider team making Star Citizen and Squadron 42 a brilliant experience
· Liaising with world class outsource resources – we get the best to help us, and you need to be able to talk with them to get what material we need
· Some music and dialogue implementation may be required – it’s all sound after all


· Solid experience of at least one (preferably multiple) Digital Audio Workstations & various plug-ins (we’re Reaper fans here but you can use what you’re most comfortable with, if you’re capable of producing world class assets in a particular DAW)
· A working knowledge of common audio middleware and/or proprietary tech. Lumberyard / CryEngine is a real plus point here, also Wwise
· Plenty of general experience using game engines to implement and work with sound
· A game audio mind-set. E.g. you like to granulate loops and re-sequence that stuff. You wouldn’t be seen dead looping a 30 second wav in a game anymore
· PD, Max/MSP, Python, XML, C++ or C# would be a plus, though we’d hope you wouldn’t need to, it all helps. Some visual programming wouldn’t go amiss either, e.g. Kismet, Flowgraph, Frostbite
· A great show reel of relevant audio work for games
· Great communication skills, both text and verbal
· International travel may be required as part of the role

Apply here:-

UI Artist


Foundry 42 Ltd is looking for a talented UI Artist to work on our ground-breaking space-sim, Star Citizen.

At Cloud Imperium Games, we strive to explore and discover innovative ways to keep the player mentally engaged and immersed in our universe. Part of this includes our unique approach in how we project various user-interfaces, in that we display them directly within the game world, in high-fidelity, seamlessly intertwining with the narrative and fiction. If you’re the type to easily become excited by the idea of designing for futuristic in-world projected holographics, AR, spaceship engineering terminals, or heads-up displays, then this may very well be the perfect position for you!

The ideal candidate will demonstrate through their work, a keen eye towards functional user interfaces, with a clean and high-end modern visual aesthetic fitting for our grand sci-fi universe.


· Work within the UI team and assist in defining the look / feel of key user-interfaces and styles, engaging in all aspects of the design process.
· Construct menu systems, buttons, and other necessary UI assets as well as integrate those assets, iterating directly within the game engine to achieve desired results.
· Work with engineers and other team members in understanding functionality necessary for implementing various interface / interaction solutions.
· Present UI mock-ups and design solutions to the rest of the UI team.
· Proactively engage in the collaborative process and provide feedback and suggestions to fellow team members.


· At least three or more years of experience in designing user-interfaces for games and/or other related software mediums.
· Experience with software development processes, and working within production deadlines.
· A portfolio showcasing exceptional design skill and affinity toward clean and modern visual aesthetics.
· Moderate to high degree of experience in Photoshop, Illustrator.
· Experience working with version control software (Perforce, or similar).
· Ability to clearly articulate reasoning behind design decisions.
· Internally driven and proactive, harbouring a deep passion for establishing and maintaining great user experiences and stunning visual design.
· International travel may be required as part of the role.


· Experience in After Effects, 3D rendering software (e.g. 3DS Max, Cinema4D, etc.), Flash or other motion graphics software.
· Knowledge in ActionScript and / or similar scripting language.
· Experience developing for VR devices.
· Experience working within CryEngine.

Apply here:-
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