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Compositing Supervisor – Digital Domain (Vancouver, BC)

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Compositing Supervisor Job Description
Location: Vancouver, BC

The Compositing Supervisor has years of experience in a supervisory capacity and command of
Nuke or another high end node based compositing software. He is responsible for staffing and managing a team of compositors which creates the final approved composited images that meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assists Producer in bidding and scheduling
• Staffing in collaboration with Producer and Manager
• Interviews and reviews potential candidates with Manager
• Determines technical approach and pipeline for compositing
• Look development or delegates to appropriate Lead or senior compositor
• Attends Dailies, walkthroughs and production meetings
• Point person between Production, DFX, CG Sups and compositing team
• Assigns shots to compositors and monitors shot progress
• Color timing and management of sequence continuity
• Identifies problems and effectively implements solutions
• Quality control on all composites
• Composites shots of any level of complexity as needed or time allows
• Mentors less experienced artists
• Upon completion of project:
o Documentation and element archiving
o Provides in-depth feedback of compositing crew to Manager
o Participates in Post-Mortem
Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• Minimum 7 years experience
• Understanding of photography, composition, lighting, color and motion
• Extremely strong understanding of Nuke compositing software required
• Experience and knowledge of stereoscopic tools and methods desired
• Demonstrated leadership qualities
• Strong communication skills
• Time Management and organizational skills
• Aesthetically and creatively solid and capable of producing highest quality images
• Professional in all dealings with Production and crew
• Team player who takes direction well
• Dependable under pressure with attention to details

To apply for this position please submit an application through
Please select Vancouver from city drop down menu.

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