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Cosa VFX Recruiting CG Generalists

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CG Generalists


CoSA VFX is looking for a Los Angeles-based CG GENERALISTS with production experience using Modo. The focus of this position is mainly on modeling, texturing and lighting. A varied skill set including animation, effects, rigging, and character work are all desirable.
CoSA pioneered the use of Modo in TV VFX production, alongside feature film work. Our company is a fast-paced and highly collaborative production environment. Recent projects include Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Person of Interest and Minority Report.


* Applicants must be based in Los Angeles, and available for in-person interview at our office in North Hollywood.
* Minimum 3 years experience in visual effects for broadcast television and/or feature films.
* Proficient in modeling, texturing and lighting hard-surface CG objects, along with basic animation.
* Able to work independently as a CG Generalist, creating photoreal CG elements to hand off to the comp team.
* Able to solve creative problems using simple, efficient techniques, share ideas with teammates, and iterate rapidly based on client notes.


* Working knowledge of Lightwave, Maya or 3D Studio Max.
* Familiarity with FTrack.
* Particle, Rigid Body and Fluid TD experience a plus.

Please submit your resume and a link to your reel and include ‘CG GENERALIST – LOS ANGELES’ in the subject line.
Please include rate history and availability in the body of your cover letter.

Apply here:-
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