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Cosa VFX Recruiting VFX Coordinator

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VFX Coordinator

CoSA VFX, inc. is looking for a Los Angeles-based VFX Coordinator for its North Hollywood studio. Successful candidates should possess 2 + years experience as a VFX Coordinator in episodic television or feature films.
Our company is a fast-paced and highly collaborative production environment whose recent projects include Gotham, Person of Interest, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Minority Report.


This role is ideal for a VFX Coordinator who enjoys working in a team-focused environment, where face-to-face communication plays a substantial role.
A successful candidate will be able to work within the structure of an established production management workflow, while demonstrating flexibility in meeting the needs of each project as efficiently as possible.


Strong organizational skills:

Exceptional consistency in naming files, formatting emails and packaging deliverables
Demonstrated capacity to monitor heavy email traffic, identify and respond promptly to high priority messages
Experience in creating accurate and succinct notes in meetings and review sessions, distributing appropriately

Excellent teamwork skills:

Insight into how clients and in-house supervisors workflows as well as their project priorities
Collaborate effectively with other production staff working on the same projects
Able to engage appropriate team members for answers and approvals

Superior verbal and written communication skills:

Engaging manner and an interest in working face-to-face with artists and clients
Able to communicate effectively with busy people. Convey urgency without seeming abrasive or flustered
Skilled in crafting emails and other communications that utilize existing methodology
Excellent grammar, spelling and written skills in general
Thorough understanding of the VFX production process and tools:

Anticipate – and proactively address – issues that crop up in production
Hands-on experience with file transfer technologies such as Aspera and FTP
Extensive knowledge of Mac OS X and Microsoft Office. Familiarity with FTrack a plus

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