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Cosa VFX Recruiting VFX Producer

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VFX Producer

CoSA VFX, Inc. is looking for an outstanding Atlanta-based VFX Producer for its new studio in Atlanta, GA. Applicants should have 5+ years’ experience working with multiple clients, bidding, and leading effective communication between stakeholders.

Our company is a fast-paced and highly collaborative production environment with a full slate of episodic television projects for the 2017-2018 season. Recent projects include Westworld, Gotham, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Stranger Things.


This opportunity is ideal for a VFX Producer who enjoys working on small, nimble teams where face-to-face communication plays a greater role.
CoSA producers build collaborative partnerships with clients, not to manage client expectations, but to achieve the highest levels client satisfaction and creative quality.

While working within the structure of an established production management workflow, a CoSA producer will adapt to meet the needs of each client and each project as efficiently as possible.
The most successful and fulfilled producers at CoSA takes satisfaction in being a valued member of a team, and put priority on the team’s success.


Demonstrated superior client relations skills including:

5+ years’ progressive experience as a primary client contact on TV or feature film VFX projects
Effective communication with busy clients; able to interact with various client stakeholders confidently
Knowledgeable regarding client and in-house supervisor processes; capable of determining what is important to them (and what is not)

Excellent communication skills:

Sound ability to craft communications (written and verbal) to convey the right tone and avoid misunderstandings
Communicate urgency without seeming abrasive or flustered
Excellent grammar, spelling and written skills in general

Experience bidding a wide range of VFX shots:

Identify time-consuming or complex shots from brief descriptions
Recognize when bid assumptions need to be made explicit to the client
Accurately determine when client approval is needed before proceeding with additional work

Thorough understanding of the VFX production process and tools:

Anticipate, and proactively address, issues that crop up in production
Familiarity with off-the-shelf software used in VFX, plus the strengths and weaknesses of each tool
Hands-on experience with file transfer technologies such as Aspera and FTP
Extensive knowledge of Mac OS and Microsoft Office. Familiarity with F-track a plus.
Capable of managing and executing all aspects of production- from note-taking to final delivery

Effectively work as part of a tight-knit team:

Collaborate with in-house stakeholders to organize reviews, develop schedules, and prepare deliverables
Routinely identify opportunities to engage and mentor junior production staff
Demonstrate superior teamwork, respect and diplomacy in stressful situations

Strong organizational skills:

Very high level of consistency in naming files, formatting emails and packaging deliverables
Monitor heavy email traffic. Identify and respond promptly to higher priority messages
Work independently to meet production goals under tight deadlines
Excellent self-management skills and multi-tasking
CoSA VFX, Inc. offers a competitive compensation package including medical, vision and dental insurance as well as 401(k).

Please submit a cover letter with salary expectations as part of your application.

Submissions without a cover letter will not be considered.

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