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Crytek Recruiting Senior Character Artist

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Senior Character Artist

Category: Character Artist
Company: Crytek
Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


A key patron and advocate to the development of next generation artistic techniques and tools for real-time production pipeline. This entails expanding methods to improve the existing processes, tools, systems and visual integrity; evaluating and simplifying art pipeline for real-time content creation.
Define a dynamic visionary request list for asset creation and render, which on further evaluation, translates into key achievable development goals on product roadmap.
Create high quality characters and environment assets, in collaboration with software development team, to be used in product tech demos and feature showcases.
Direct and take artistic ownership on the product tech demos and marketing videos.
Ensure that all aspects of character art production are completed on a timely basis to a high standard.
Maintain awareness of latest methodologies and tools in the industry for asset creation and render. Research and evaluate from an end-user’s point of view on the feasibility of incorporating these new and improved external processes into the existing art pipeline; define requirements for the product to enable the benefits of these new approaches.
Determine priority on art pipeline related features and pushing weight on the fundamentals necessary for highest visual quality.
Propose feature requests and software user interface modification, based on detailed product usage and experience.
Work together with Technical Writer to thoroughly document all the latest art pipeline related product features.
Work closely together with the Animation department.
Provide feedback and report issues or bugs to QA team.
Help define and enforce the quality standard for character assets.
Report to Product Manager.


At least 5 years professional production experience (ideally an amalgam of both games and films).
A demonstrated ability to consistently create compelling and aesthetically pleasing characters and creatures in any given style while enabling R&D to push beyond existing technological constraints.
Evidence of a clear understanding of creating a wide range of photorealistic art for game engines.
An understanding of how game-play and real time issues can affect a Senior Artist’s work, and the ability to develop techniques to compensate for such limitations.
Sample pictures, or link to web pages, which demonstrate work.
Strong understanding of the impact of lighting in real time engines.
Strong understanding of Adobe Photoshop.
Strong understanding of few of the established 3D applications, preferably with experience of Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Maya.
Proficient in Modo and Zbrush.
Quick in learning new tools and technologies.
Willingness to relocate to Frankfurt, Germany.
A portfolio or reel that demonstrates the following:

Strong artistic background, with numerous examples of life drawing.
Heavy focus on photorealistic character art.
Clear understanding of the normal map creation process.
Strong ability to create photorealistic high poly models.
Clear understanding of efficient UV layout for low poly objects.
Keen eye for detail, realism, composition and color.
Strong texturing skills.


Over 5 years of experience as professional character Artist in game, VFX, or feature animation studios.
An strong understanding of:
Traditional modeling and sculpting techniques
o Human and animal anatomy
o The game production process
Animation Experience
Cinematic production experience
CryENGINE Experience.

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