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Crytek Recruiting Senior Lighting Artist, Environment Artist & Cinematic Artist

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Senior Lighting Artist


Crytek is looking for a creatively minded and driven Senior Lighting Artist who can communicate well between programmers and artists to develop cutting edge, next generation lighting effects for VR games.
Candidate must be proficient in a diverse set of software including Photoshop, 3ds Max/Maya, etc. Experience with real time and baked lighting solutions for video games is a necessity.


Working with Level Designers, Artists and Programmers to create real time and baked lighting moods and effects for static, dynamic and animated environments, cinematics, characters, etc. within the platforms limitations.
Creation of skyboxes and other geometry based lighting assets (sun shafts, glows, flares, etc).
Balancing and maintaining consistent light levels across a variety of physically based materials and surfaces.
Finding, discussing and fixing material inconsistencies that might affect shading quality.
Collaboration with other Lighting Artists on the team to ensure consistent quality across the game.
Texture creation using available graphic applications.
Population of light entities and cubemaps in game using the CryENGINE Sandbox Editor and tools.
Creating dramatic, unique, and interesting day/night setups using the CryENGINE Sandbox Editor and tools.
Take on a number of tasks and responsibilities across multiple projects within Crytek.
Develop, refine, test and provide feedback on new cutting edge technologies created for the CryENGINE
Solving technical issues that arise with new tools or game performance.


4+ years of professional experience lighting for next-gen games on PC and console hardware (XboxOne, PS4).
Experience with and a good working knowledge of the limitations and expectations of next generation hardware.
Excellent art sense (e.g. knowledge of composition, color, lighting, etc).
Solid understanding of basic theory of light propagation and light-material interaction.
Ability to work with multiple disciplines to meet project’s specific needs.
Capable of working both as a member of a development team and individually with minimum supervision.
Must have the ability to conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a schedule, while actively participating in technical and artistic problem solving.
Ability to quickly understand custom toolsets and deliver assets within the confines of real time engine constraints and programming demands.
Organized approach to problem solving and time-management.
Good English communication and writing skills.
Keep a positive team-oriented attitude.
Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision.
Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main area, Germany.


Experience with CryENGINE and Sandbox Editor.
Strong understanding of real-time and pre-baked lighting systems.
Experience creating and configuring geometry assets for in game lighting effects.
Experience with real world lighting situations, including natural light and artificial “studio” type lighting, and/or photography.
Experience with cinematic post-processing work (e.g. compositing, color correction).

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Environment Artist


Crytek is looking for an experience Environment Artist to support our CRYENGINE team in our Frankfurt, Germany studio.
At Crytek we hire amazing people to make great things happen.
For over 15 years, we’ve been at the cutting-edge of computer graphics performance. We continually invest in our team and tech as we push the boundaries of the digital visual arts on the latest platforms.
Our award-winning CRYENGINE empowers developers and creatives at our own studios and licensees worldwide – from small indies to AAA powerhouses – to deliver unique experiences, create new worlds and ultimately make awesome games.
Join us and we’ll invent the future together.
*Sample pictures or portfolio link, which shows sample work are necessary*

A portfolio or reel that demonstrates the following:

Heavy focus on photorealistic art, environments, level design and lighting
Highpoly environment models and their conversion into lowpoly models (strong understanding of the normal map creation process)
Ability to create game ready assets, that work well within the given technical limitations
Strong texturing skills and good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
Keen eye for detail and realism.
A strong sense for composition, color and light.
At least average drawing/painting skills.


Work within inter-disciplinary teams of Artists, Level Artists and Designers.
Perform any other duties as assigned by Leads or Manager with accountability and responsibility defined prior to the commencement of these duties.
Creating highpoly and lowpoly models of environmental objects (vegetation, props, buildings, tilesets).
Creating efficient UV layouts that work well within the engine/platform constrains.
Photorealistic texturing of environmental objects.
Lighting of environments.
Produce tutorial documentation & videos for CRYENGINE Sandbox.
Additional tasks in the area of training.
Additional tasks in the area of a technical support.
Please be prepared to speak about our company’s products, Engine / Games.


3+ years of professional video-games production experience, preferrably within an Environment Artist capacity.
Understand and follow style guides to guarantee the consistency of the game.
Strong problem solving skills.
Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.
A strong ability to create believable photorealistic environments within a games engine.
Ability to derive a well structured lowpoly model from the high poly model.
Strong understanding of efficient UV layouts for low poly objects.
Strong understanding of Autodesk 3dsMax , Maya.
Knowledge about technical limitations in real time game engines and the ability to find answers to these limitations (LOD, draw calls reduction, etc.).
Being able to adapt to new technologies.
Good knowledge of texture creation process in Photoshop (with Physically Based Shading).
Focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion.
Ability to contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game & engine development.
Show a strong passion for customer service and satisfaction.
Good spoken & written English communication skills.
A desire to learn and grow professionally.
A passion for games.
Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


Experience with CryENGINE.
Mod experience.
Console experience, preferably Next Generation (or PS3 and Xbox 360).
Architectural background.
Feature film experience.
Traditional painting skills.

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Cinematic Artist


Crytek is looking for a Cinematic Artist to join our Creative Services team.
The Cinematic Designer is responsible for the development of non-interactive story based events for trailers and other promotional material. They are responsible for developing these scenes in conjunction with the teams’ animators, modelers and artists.


Blocking and layout, and incorporation out of in-game and/or pre-rendered cutscenes, level locations and cutscene elements using the CryEngine Sandbox Editor.
Work closely with Cinematic Lead and/or Director to assure a high degree of quality on all cutscenes.
Assist in documentation of cinematic development processes and techniques.
Coordinate with internal and external departments including art, animation, audio and production to achieve project objectives. Provides guidance and assistance where required, and is willing to accept guidance and assistance when required.
Shows a strong passion for making the highest quality state of the art games, promotional material and films.
Contributes innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development.
Provide input to department project status meetings.
Takes initiative and is willing to expand own horizon.
Willing to accept and provide direction, work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks.
Complete all tasks in a timely manner and to a consistent high quality standard.
Remains focused, motivated and effective on all tasks through completion.
Good communication and writing skills and create documentation where required.
Demonstrates a desire to learn and grow professionally.


2+ years of professional work experienc.
1 shipped AAA title on PC, Xbox360 or PS3(please name title(s)).
Experienced understanding and ability to build high-quality cutscenes with a focus on cinematic techniques including: camera angles, scene layout and blocking, color and lighting design, and actor blocking.
Experienced with in-game interactivity in regards to Level Design Layout and Gameplay.
Passionate about making games, promotional material, and film.
Excellent English communication and writing skills.
Keep a positive team-oriented attitude.
Be proactive and self-motivated, work without direct supervision.
Willing to relocate to Frankfurt am Main area, Germany.

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