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Crytek Recruiting VFX Artist

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Principal VFX Artist

Category: FX Artist
Company: Crytek
Location: Austin (United States)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description


Crytek USA is seeking a Principal Visual Effects Artist for our upcoming title. The Principal VFX Artist will design, create and implement dynamic and dramatic in-game special effects (explosions, fire, smoke and other environmental effects, special abilities, weapon attacks, etc.) powered by the CryEngine. The ideal candidate has an expert understanding of the creation of stunning in-game visual effects and should exhibit creativity, technical and artistic skills. Required to be a self-starter, must be motivated and willing to work without a lot of supervision.

Please note – This role is not for someone who wants to disappear in a large team. This position is meant for someone who wants to work on a small team and have a dramatic impact on the overall project.


Work closely with artists, designers, programmers and audio staff to ensure that visual effects are of the high quality and enhance the overall game experience
Use 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and Cryengine to create and implement special visual effects
Utilize particle systems, shaders and mesh effects
Creating a variety of particle effects and systems, from ambient environmental effects to Character Special abilities


At least 7 years professional VFX experience, including full cycle support for at least three AAA game titles
Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
Actively drive agreed upon decisions and give constructive feedback
Proficiency with Photoshop, and 3D Studio Max or Maya
Ability to iterate and implement quickly without sacrificing quality
Provide support and follow-up on team direction on a daily basis
Knowledge of game production pipeline and 3d game engines
Able to develop, own and maintain new pipelines
Expert understanding of VFX / PostFX integration and performance impacts
Knowledge of other disciplines with 3D art, including modeling, lighting, and rendering
Actively seek feedback to improve work while also providing guidance and feedback to peers
Self-motivated, anticipates risks and proactively develops, implements and communicates mitigation plans
Mentors within the team, shares knowledge across company
Ability to adapt and cope with change as the production of the project demands
Work samples required
No crybabies


Experience working with the CryEngine
Experience as a lead on a shipped AAA Game

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