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CG Supervisor 
Location: Vancouver, BC
The CG Supervisor oversees the through-put of shots through the 3D pipeline, partnering with the Compositing Supervisor to ensure delivery of assigned work on schedule and on budget. They are also responsible for the implementation of an efficient and effective approach that allows the artists to focus on creating the highest quality images with a minimum of resources within the production schedule and budget.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Partners with the DFX and/or Digital Producer in scheduling/updating the tasks on the show
Partners with the Production Coordinators in task management
Participates in turnover meetings, shot breakdowns, and re-bidding over the course of the show
Participates in the staffing aspects of the show
Takes responsibility for the technical aspects of the show to properly assess show needs
Responsible for overseeing the facility pipeline as it relates to current show
Responsible for attending Facility Tech Meetings across shows
With the support of the DFX Supervisor, implements the technical requirements and approaches for the show
Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the tools and techniques in use within the facility pipeline and offers creative solutions to the DFX and team
Provides concise direction and feedback to Leads and artists on the floor, focusing effort on the critical parts of the shot
Delegates to Team Leads and/or artists to ensure focus on technique and methodology
Mediates discussions within the Leads and Artists, acts as an escalation point for the Leads and resolves conflicts between the Leads as needed
Anticipates show challenges and identifies solutions with the DFX, maintaining an ongoing focus on optimization and streamlining throughout the life of the show Identifies and utilizes tools and techniques which improve productivity and the quality of the work; avoids reinvention of the wheel or duplication of effort both within the show and across the facility
May participate in the bidding process and strategizes on creative approach for Features working with the Head of CG and Bidding Producer to accurately estimate work-load and resources in creating production budgets
Collaborates with other CG Supervisors and Compositing Supervisors in the facility and promotes a positive and productive work environment
Responsible to the Visual Effects Supervisor in realizing his vision
Responsible for the success/failure of the artist departments on a show
Ensures effective communication between disciplines within the show and partners with peer group to ensure critical information is shared across shows Mentors the Leads and Artists, providing ongoing feedback and participating in mid-show and end of show review process for team
Education, Experience and Skills Required:
Minimum of 6 years of artist experience across 2 disciplines
Minimum of 2 years of Lead experience in feature film VFX required
Strong knowledge of the entire post-production process relating to visual effects
Must have a sense of strong team dynamics and a positive morale generating style
Must have strong problem solving mentality and/or the ability to accurately place people who can solve a particular problem
Ability to successfully delegate, mentor, and manage people and projects
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