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CFX Lead – Digital Domain Vancouver

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Location: Vancouver
Reports To: Global Character FX Supervisor
Status: Non-Exempt
Classification: Full Time, Project-based

Purpose of the Job:

The Creature Lead oversees a team of riggers, cloth, hair, and deformation artists. The Lead will work closely with the Animation team to ensure the successful handoff and execution of all character related rigs and effects.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

• Generate a variety of hero and digital double character rigs with skeleton, cloth, hair, and deformation controls for high-end feature films
• Produce custom built rigs for biped, quadrupeds, multiple limbs, multiple heads, and wings
• Heavy focus on facial solving
• Heavy focus on Mocap
• Utilize and extend DD’s existing Python and MEL-based toolset for generating hero and background character rigs
• Work with the Animation Department to ensure the successful handoff and execution of character rigs for their use, including troubleshooting rigs for potential problems/limits
• Assist in the design and maintenance of the Rigging and Character pipeline
• Work closely with Production to determine staffing and scheduling needs for the Rigging team

Education and Experience Requires:

• Minimum 5 years experience with character rigging (and modeling), cloth, hair, deformations, and scripting
• In-depth knowledge of Maya rigging tools including joint and skeleton creation, skinning and weighting, IK setup, blend-shapes, and deformers
• In-depth knowledge of facial solver systems and techniques are necessary
• In-depth knowledge of motion-capture tools and workflow ideal
• Strong understanding of anatomy and articulations (humanoid and creature) is crucial
• A thorough understanding of articulations and rig building on digital characters as well as sophisticated props
• Python and MEL scripting a must
• Ability to learn quickly and comprehend custom in-house production tools
• Must have excellent communication and organizational skills
• Requires an interest and ability to mentor and train talent in new tools and software

To apply for this position please select Vancouver from the drop down location menu and submit an application at
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