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Digital Domain Recruiting Environments Artist, Digital Producer, Digital Matte Painter, Roto Artist, Integration Artist, Animation Technical Director, Compositor & Compositing Supervisor Nuke

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Environments Artist

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC

The Environments Artist role is to create or recreate a fully synthetic environment with a team that works
and operates within a big visual effects pipeline, using tools and techniques to optimize and streamline
the generated content.

• Thorough understanding of a 3D and 2.5D (projection) pipeline.
• Experience with basic modeling, uv-ing, texturing and lighting.
• Experience with basic compositing.
• Preferably technical knowledge of lenses and camera body’s (filmback, distortion etc).
• Being able to use photographic content from different media appropriately in set recreation (stills, HDRI etc).
• Experience in working in a world scale environment versus single shots.
• Demonstrates the ability to be proactive and anticipate the needs of dependent departments.
• Translate concept art into photorealistic environments.


• Minimum 3 years experience with large scale environments work in a high-end feature film pipeline required.
• Live-action/VFX experience preferred
• General experience with the following software:
o Maya
o Photoshop
o Vray
• Working with on-set assets.
• Creating postviz for sequences.

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Digital Producer

Location: Vancouver

The Digital Producer is responsible for the planning, scheduling, management, and delivery of all aspects of digital production for feature film visual effects. Oversees all production work flow and partners with the VFX producer and show supervisors to deliver the contracted work on schedule.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Oversees the daily operations of the show Production team and Digital Artists to ensure efficient flow of work through the facility
• Works with show supervisors and VFX Producer to develop a breakdown of all digital effects work for the project
• Works with VFX Producer to revise bids and manage facility show costs with the support of the DPM to create a schedule for all phases of production
• Creates and maintains task assignments for the teams and works with team leads to create element and final delivery schedules
• Supervises a team of DPMs, Production Coordinators and Production Assistants to schedule and update progress of tasks in the production tracking system and on the show board
• Partners with the show supervisors and leads to understand the development schedule, show pipeline and its implication for production workflow
• Participates in show planning meetings with Supervisors and Technology teams through both development and shot production phases of the project
• Creates the call sheet and daily schedule, ensuring that dailies, client meetings, Supervisor walkthroughs, production meetings, and other priorities are effectively planned and managed
• Prioritizes daily output for CG elements and client deliveries
• Identifies potential issues in advance, facilitates problem solving and maintains the momentum required to keep the team delivering shots on schedule
• Acts as escalation point for conflict resolution and all show-related facility issues
• Trains and mentors Production staff and leads show performance appraisal process for Production team
• Plans and leads the execution of the show post-mortems
• Partners with HR and Supervisors to complete the show performance appraisal process for digital artists

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications or related field
• 7+ years experience in production management or supervisor role for feature film visual effects required
• Demonstrated organizational, project management and leadership skills
• Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office applications required; experience with production tracking software and asset management software a plus
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to resolve conflict
• Ability to manage multiple tasks in a high pressure environment

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Digital Matte Painter

Location: Vancouver, BC

The Matte Painter creates photorealistic paintings that are used as an element to either embellish or replace live action footage.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Works closely with Supervisors to produce painting and elements that matches concept
• Provide or acquire photographic reference materials
• 2D and 3D paintings for digital environments including:
o Camera Setup
o Modeling for Projection
o Camera Animation
o Projection Setup
o Image Re-Projection
o Atmospherics and Light Passes

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• 5-8 years experience in feature films creating photorealistic environments
• Degree in art, industrial design or painting preferred
• Experience working in a stereoscopic film pipeline/environment strongly desired
• Knowledge of Photoshop a must
• Understanding of Nuke or compositing software desired
• 3ds Max and/or Maya knowledge a plus
• Vue and Deep Paint knowledge a plus
• Strong knowledge of advanced matte painting techniques including color space, digital paint techniques and Photoshop file management (be it file format, bit depth resolution or appropriate layering of elements)
• Good knowledge and ability with perspective, value matching, and motion
• Good knowledge of camera focal lengths and composition
• Knowledge of film resolution and aspect ratios
• Strong time management in relation to deadlines
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills

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Roto Artist

Location: Vancouver, BC

The Roto Artist is responsible for creating mattes that accurately reflects the motion of a particular object over a series of frames. Painting may be required to remove unwanted artifacts, reconstruct a background or digitally correct a render or composite.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Sophisticated shape creation and editing.
• Shape animation (by hand and w/ trackers).
• Shape compositing, fill modes, opacity settings.
• Compositing roto, plate and color correction nodes to create, render and review color-overlay roto check.
• Marker removal paint.
• Rig removal paint.
• Plate restoration.

Experience and skills:
• 2+ years industry roto and paint experience.
• Experience with hand paint and “procedural” or “comp” paint a plus.
• Knowledge of Nuke and Combustion is a plus.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Team player with great attitude.
• Dependable and flexible.
• Takes direction well.
• Exercises close attention to detail.

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Integration Artist

Location: Vancouver, BC

The Integration Artist tracks and sets up shots and sequences in Digital Domain’s proprietary software, Track and sees them through the integration pipeline from start to finish.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Sets up and tracks shots and sequences while meeting all technical and aesthetic standards for the project.
• Work closely with the other departments to ensure shots are running smoothly throughout the project’s pipelines.
• Complete tasks within production deadlines.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• 1+ years of experience setting up and tracking photorealistic shots for high-end features, commercials and television.
• Experience integrating work into Maya, Houdini and Nuke.
• Experience working from on-set integration data.
• Some basic modeling experience is preferred.
• SynthEyes and PFTrack experience is a plus.
• Strong mathematical skills are a plus.
• Must have excellent communication and organizational skills.

To apply for this position please submit an application at

Animation Technical Director

Location: Vancouver, BC

The Animation Technical Directors are responsible for improving the overall efficiency of the facility-wide Animation pipeline. They design, implement, and manage tools that assist the Animators with their daily use of both third party and in-house software and systems. These tools are intended to make Animation/Character production as efficient and productive as possible. Animation TDs work with peers and supervisors to craft novel tools, techniques, and procedures to aid the execution of current projects and advance the capabilities of the facility. They also support Animators in tracking down technical problems with rigs, models, tools or data flow. The role requires strong technical and excellent communication/”customer service” skills, as well as a firm understanding of software design, graphics, and production work flow.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• High emphasis on translation of Animator feature requests and workflow discussions into practical designs and tool implementation that integrate with the production pipeline
• Continually looking for ways to optimize the efficiency/workflow for Animation
• Work with department representatives to augment their work flows and tool sets to achieve specific goals of the project
• Interface with departments both up and downstream, to facilitate the smooth flow of assets through the pipeline
• Work with artists to troubleshoot and fix problems
• Ensure animation tools and workflows follows studio policies and guidelines.
• Work closely with other Technical Directors to maintain and further the entire production pipeline
• Craft and update documentation for tools, techniques and work flows generated by the Technical Director

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• 3+ years experience as a Technical Director with a focus on Animation or Rigging pipelines
• Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics a plus
• Expert knowledge of Maya required
• Proficiency in Python APIs and Mel scripting language
• Must have written and supported animation and/or rigging tools used significantly in production
• Experience with tool integration into existing or new pipelines
• Working experience with one or more additional professional graphics packages, including Houdini, and Nuke
• Ability to establish priorities, work independently or within a group, and work with minimal supervision
• Excellent communication skills in dealing with both technical and artistic groups

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The digital Compositor takes multiple diverse elements, however they were created, and blends them together artistically into a seamless, photorealistic image. Skillfully makes it appear as if the elements were all part of the same scene utilizing various compositing techniques to accomplish the task.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Integrate cg elements and matte paintings into live action plates
• Match color, lighting and exposure of stock elements to rendered or photographed elements
• Matte extractions from blue/green screen photography
• Clean and efficient script organization
• Present work clearly in dailies and walkthroughs and respond to supervisor in a timely fashion
• Transform and warp elements as needed
• 2D/3D camera tracking and stabilization
• Grain and degrain as necessary
• Plate speed up/slow down manipulation
• Matte edge processing and integration
• QC black levels, grain, color, mattes
• Paint fixes and rotoscoping

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• 4 years of node based compositing software experience (Nuke, Shake, Fusion)
• Experience with Keylight, Primatte or Ultimatte
• Knowledge of projection mapping
• Maya knowledge a plus
• Sound aesthetic with good understanding of color, contrast and lighting design
• Knowledge of film resolution and aspect ratios
• Strong problem solving skills
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills
• Team player with great attitude
• Dependable and flexible
• Takes direction well
• Exercises close attention to detail

To apply for this position please submit an application at

Compositing Supervisor Nuke

Category: Compositor
Company: Digital Domain Vancouver
Location: Vancouver (Canada)
Start Date: immediately

Location: Vancouver, BC

The Compositing Supervisor has years of experience in a supervisory capacity and command of
Nuke or another high end node based compositing software. He is responsible for staffing and
managing a team of compositors which creates the final approved composited images that meet
or exceed the client’s expectations.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
Assists Producer in bidding and scheduling
Staffing in collaboration with Producer and Manager
Interviews and reviews potential candidates with Manager
Determines technical approach and pipeline for compositing
Look development or delegates to appropriate Lead or senior compositor
Attends Dailies, walkthroughs and production meetings
Point person between Production, DFX, CG Sups and compositing team
Assigns shots to compositors and monitors shot progress
Color timing and management of sequence continuity
Identifies problems and effectively implements solutions
Quality control on all composites
Composites shots of any level of complexity as needed or time allows
Mentors less experienced artists
Upon completion of project:
-Documentation and element archiving
-Provides in-depth feedback of compositing crew to Manager
-Participates in Post-Mortem

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
Minimum 7 years experience
Understanding of photography, composition, lighting, color and motion
Extremely strong understanding of Nuke compositing software required
Experience and knowledge of stereoscopic tools and methods desired
Demonstrated leadership qualities
Strong communication skills
Time Management and organizational skills
Aesthetically and creatively solid and capable of producing highest quality images
Professional in all dealings with Production and crew
Team player who takes direction well
Dependable under pressure with attention to detail

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