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Facial Technical Assistant – Digital Domain Vancouver

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Location: Vancouver, BC


The Facial Data Processor is responsible for turning raw, high-fidelity facial performance data into production-ready animation assets used in the creation of realistic digital characters.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

● Process facial motion capture data through a multi-step, flexible production pipeline.
● Use a toolkit that may include proprietary software, Python scripts and Maya (using
custom tools, mel scripts, and Maya’s interactive tools for modeling and animation).
● Perform various modeling tasks including the fitting of meshes to facial scans and the
alignment of individual vertices on meshes.
● Work with scans of heads and actor face meshes.
● Work within a show structure and production deadlines to complete all tasks.
● Take direction from head of the facial mocap pipeline.

Experience and Skills:

● 2+ years experience working with modeling and animation tools in Maya, especially the
modeling of faces
● Keen interest in facial anatomy, motion, and animation
● Extremely meticulous, discriminating eye, high attention to detail
● Adept at recognizing visual patterns

● Must be comfortable with:

○ High-density face models and meshes
○ Per-pixel operations on meshes with thousands of points
○ Navigating through file systems on Windows
○ Working with large sequences of files
○ Command-line launching of scripts
○ Basic modeling and animation tools in Maya
○ Running mel scripts in Maya
○ Chaining together processes to solve problems
● Experience with facial scans, modeling, rigging, animation, mocap is a big plus

To apply for this position please select Vancouver under the drop down location menu and submit an application at
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