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Lead Software Engineer, Core Software Team – Digital Domain Vancouver

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Location: Playa Vista, CA or Vancouver, BC
Reports to: Global Pipeline Supervisor

Position Summary:

The Core Software Team at Digital Domain is responsible for core tools and distributed services in use across the facility. This includes asset, task, and software management; dailies, render submission, analytics, cross site data transfer; and core python libraries.
The Lead Software Engineer is responsible for design, implementation, and deployment of the aforementioned systems; working closely with fellow team members, Artists and Technical Directors to ensure that software meets the needs of the Facility. This challenging position requires strong coding skills, experience with relational and nosql databases, and distributed computing components. Additionally, experience with web technologies, C++, and Qt And/or PyQt are a plus.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Lead a cross-discipline team to develop and deploy distributed systems to better serve the needs of the company, balancing concerns such as uptime, consistency, scalability, and performance, with feature set and ease of use.
Work with the team to evolve core APIs in use throughout the company to improve efficiency and extend capabilities.
Guide the team in the planning, design, and development of Core Software.
Respond to production requests for support, enhancements, and bug fixes.
Execute project management tasks including planning and reporting.
Maintain code quality through testing and leading code reviews for the team.


B.S. or higher degree in Computer Science
6+ years Python programming experience
6+ years Postgres experience including server side PL/SQL programming, or equivalent experience with MySql, Oracle, etc.
Firm grasp of Object Oriented Design principles and Design Patterns
Experience in designing and implementing distributed systems
Experience in designing and implementing APIs for end users
Experience with message-oriented middleware and SOA design patterns
Experience with NoSql databases such as MongoDb, ElasticSearch, and Redis
Excellent communication skills


Experience with web technologies
Experience with C++

To apply for this position please select Vancouver from the drop down location menu and submit an application at
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