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Rigging Lead – Digital Domain

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Rigging Lead – April 2015

Location: Vancouver, BC


The Rigging Lead is responsible for delivering a variety of character rigs into production and oversees a team of riggers on either feature or commercial projects. The Rigging Lead’s primary goals are to ensure timely production of rigged assets, assign tasks to the rigging team and keep production management informed of progress and potential roadblocks. In addition, the Rigging Lead is expected to collaborate and consult with the Rigging Supervisor and other department Supervisors to ensure the rigs are properly incorporated into the existing character pipeline.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Work with production management to prioritize tasks and meet project milestones
• Lead a team of riggers / character TD’s to produce creature, hero, digital double, vehicle and prop rigs
• Produce custom rigs, implementing a variety of modular components (biped/quadruped limbs, wings, mechanics, etc.)
• Develop and maintain realistic facial rigs using a combination of proprietary and third party toolsets
• Manage performance of the project’s rigging team; providing timely feedback to artists and management. Mentor individual artists to develop and expand their rigging skill set
• Design and maintain tools and procedures for a variety of departments (namely Rigging, Modeling, LookDev and Animation) to help speed up the character creation process for the show.
• Utilize and extend DD’s existing Python-based toolset for creating animation controls and deformation systems
• Work closely with the Modeling and Animation Departments to ensure adequate rig performance, including advising on model LODs and troubleshooting rigs in animation

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

• Degree in computer science, art, animation, engineering, or equivalent experience that would equal that level of professionalism, problem solving and analytical skills
• 2+ years experience in a leadership role. PLUS Minimum 5 years experience with production-level character rigging, scripting and tool development.
• Robust knowledge of Python scripting including object oriented programming
• In-depth knowledge of Maya’s rigging toolset.
• Strong comprehension of anatomy and articulation (human and creature mechanics)
• Keen artistic eye to drive the look of realistic and appealing surface deformations
• C++/python-scripted plugin development and PyQT GUI design experience
• Working knowledge of modeling and animation, including polygonal mesh flow, texture displacements, texture/UV layout & compositing
• Working knowledge of linux, svn, git, linear algebra.
• Demonstrate leadership qualities in communication, project management and team organization
• Passion for creating convincing digital characters a must!

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