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Digital Production Administrator – Digital Domain (Vancouver, BC)

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Digital Production Administrator Job Description
Location: Vancouver, BC

The Digital Production Administrator is responsible for hands on management of facility resources including render nodes, disk space and I/O. The DPA works closely with the Assistant Technical Directors (ATD) to ensure show priorities and facility guidelines are being met while working to meet optimalefficiency of Facility Resources. The Digital Production Administrator serves as a dedicated production support liaison for the entire length of a production. A DPA provides a high level of technical support for facility-wide tools and pipeline support. DPA’s serve as the first point of contact for artist and production support and work as an intermediary between Software and Systems support.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Move data between Vancouver and Venice facilities. Move data on/off disk for Client deliveries
or turnovers.
• Manage Render Farm utilization and efficiency.
• Troubleshooting of technical render issues and escalates to proper support channels if necessary.
• Responsible for management of shows resources and maintaining optimal efficiency.
• Responsible for providing productions with Projections and Resource Reports.

Education, Experience and Skills Required:
• Production experience in computer animation, visual effects, or game industry.
• Experience with Maya, Houdini, Nuke, or other 3rd party applications.
• Strong troubleshooting skills.
• Ability to establish priorities, work independently or within a group, and work with minimal supervision.
• Exceptional communication skills in dealing with both technical and artistic groups.
• BA or BS in Computer Science, Computer Graphics or Film.
• Python, Perl, C++ programming skills a huge plus.

To apply for this position please submit an application through
Please select Vancouver from city drop down menu.

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