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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting 2014 Talent Development Artist & Modeler

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2014 Talent Development Artist – Lighting Apprentice

The ApprenticeProgram:

Join us for an opportunity to experience the art of animation and be a part of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Talent Development Apprentice Program is an immersive experience available for recent college graduates within three years of graduation for a 3, 6, or 12 month paid position. Under the guidance of a Disney Mentor, the Talent Development Apprentice Program offers a unique opportunity to hone and understand skills, refine and strengthen key disciplines, and engage in a real-time production environment.
The Apprentice Program is based in Burbank, California, and begins January 2015.The deadline for applications is October 5, 2014, 11:59PM PST.

The Lighting Trainee:

Lighters are an integral part of the storytelling process, using their keen eye to manipulate color and light to emphasize shifts of mood both subtle and dynamic. They assemble the elements of a shot into a final composite and compose the digital lighting of the scene.
To apply for this position, select “Apply for Position” below to create or update your profile with a resume, reel/portfolio, and reel breakdown.

Reels/portfolios/demonstrated skills should include:

An understanding of color, contrast, and lighting design, along with a solid understanding with 3D lighting in a CG scene
A strong visual sense and the ability to distinguish subtle differences that affect the matching of elements created in multiple mediums
Experience with Maya and node-based compositing programs such as Shake or Nuke
Exposure to Global Illumination and experience working with or writing shaders a plus

Apply here:-


Walt Disney Animation Studios has an exciting opportunity for a Character Modeler to join the team at our Burbank, CA studio. As a Modeler at our studio, you will build complex 3D models including organic characters. You’ll work with a team of artists, including Visual Development Artists and Character TDs to interpret designs, and build and refine models for production.


Character modelers work with polygonal and subdivision topologies to create surface models ranging from highly-stylized cartoon characters to photo-realistic fantasy creatures
Take direction from Leads and Supervisors and feedback from Directors


Bachelors degree or equivalent experience
3+ years of Animation, VFX, or Video Game industry experience modeling in polygons/Sub D’s using Maya
Ability to work in a collaborative environment, taking direction from the Model Lead, CG
Ability to work well in teams consisting of rigging, animation and character design
Supervisor and feedback from the Art Director and Directors(s) as necessary
Proven ability to be detail oriented and to work efficiently within a production environment
Strong problem solving skills
Candidates focusing on character modeling should show stylized characters
All candidates should include 2D reference images when applicable

Preferred Qualifications

Proficiency with ZBrush
Experience with Mudbox
Strong knowledge of related field such as anatomy
Experience with traditional 3D sculpting
Experience with character rigging
Experience with texture/shading
Facial blend shape targets
Scripting (MEL, Python, Perl) background a plus
Application Visual examples of images exemplifying work in this area are requested for review. Additionally, please include a resume and reel breakdown with your online profile. When applicable, wireframes, close up of rotating heads, and 2D reference art should be shown.

Apply here:-
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