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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting 2014 Talent Development Artist

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2014 Talent Development Artist

The Apprentice Program

Join us for an opportunity to experience the art of animation and be a part of Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Apprentice Program is available for recent college graduates of art and animation, fine art and design, computer graphics, engineering, production, and general film studies undergraduate or graduate programs (within three years of graduation date) for a 3, 6, or 12 month paid position at Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Talent Development Program starts out with an immersive Trainee experience offering participants a chance to understand the depth of their new skills, refine and strengthen key areas, apply them in our real world environment, and work under the guidance of a Disney Mentor.

The Apprentice Program is based in our Burbank, California and begins October 2014. The deadline for applications is July 28th, 2014 11:59 PM PST.

The Animation Trainee

Animators are responsible for bringing characters to life. As an animation trainee, your animation reel demonstrates your understanding of animation principles such as timing, clear staging, squash and stretch, anticipation and follow-through, and secondary action. Prior training should cover anatomy, perspective and composition, including solving problems in weight, balance, movement, space, construction and proportion.

Reels/portfolios/demonstrated skills should include:

Acting, Acting, Acting! A reel should consist of a broad range of acting exercises: Pantomime, Dialogue, Walk Cycle, Weight
Focus different styles of emoting: Subtle to broad moments, Comedic to dramatic
Reels should also focus on a diversity of character personalities to create entertaining and emotionally driven believable performances
Strong traditional animation skills and Maya/3d software preferred

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