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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting Artist Manager

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Walt Disney Animation Studios

As the departmental ‘home-base’ for artistic and technical talent, the Artist Manager actively partners with the Studio Department Leaders, Production Management, Technology, HR, and Talent Development to enhance all aspects of collective craft and individual career development within the studio. They create a safe and nurturing environment for excellence and growth for our artistic staff and apply their understanding of artistic capabilities, production needs, and workflows to ensure the optimal assignment of available studio resources toward priorities and projects.


Crewing and staffing

Helps ensure the strategic and timely casting of all projects within Disney Animation, encompassing features, shorts and all other projects identified as priorities for the studio
Analyzes the consolidated production schedules for their departments and create provisional headcount plans
Partners with the Studio Department Leaders and Production Management to project resource deficits or surpluses of labor weeks by discipline and anticipates studio time and/or recruitment needs
Helps identify creative solutions and resolves allocation conflicts when resource or time constraints compromise production schedules
Oversees the artist transitions, ensuring smooth and timely information flow to the artist

Departmental identity and craft development

Develops an intimate knowledge of the department, the responsibilities, development needs, and individual players and acts as a catalyst to help remove barriers to the development of the departmental craft
Accountable for the collection, vetting, and delegation of departmental ideas, issues, and inspirations, building strong relationships with technology, Talent Development, and HR to propel forward these ideas and translate them in action items
Inspires the departments to build cross-departmental relationships and collaborations
Provides guidance and support to departmental leaders and inspires ideas to strengthen their departmental leadership
Partners with HR to help identify career stages in departments and adjust the appropriate compensation paradigms
Partners with the training team to ensure that training of the artistic staff is being handled well and that opportunities to advance the skills of our artistic crew are being maximized
Partners with the recruitment department to facilitate the candidate review and feedback process
Partners with the Talent Development Team to create meaningful programs for the apprentices and interns hired into the studio
Helps induce new talent successfully within the studio and the department

Supports and encourage positive morale and engagement throughout all departments and improves communication routes towards the artists by facilitating regular meetings

Individual and career development

Supports, formalizes, and encourages ongoing crew assessments and helps create effective feedback mechanisms and development plans
Identifies individual or collective development needs, training plans and leadership potential to support career planning and progression
Maintains close relationships with the crew and manages individual employee issues or orients the individuals to the appropriate support departments
Encourages artistic cross training and identifies opportunities to develop secondary skill sets if desired
Inspires and empowers artists so they are engaged to participate in the advancement of their craft, their talent, their careers, and the studio

Preferred Qualifications

Exceptional interpersonal, listening, and communication skills
The ability to effectively communicate, interact, and partner with production management, creative talent, and studio management
Specialized knowledge of the animation production process, workflows, and familiarity with production environments
Strong skills in the area of time management and organization
The ability to work in a fast-paced and dynamic/ever-changing environment is required

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