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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting Crowds Artist

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Crowds Artist

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Crowd FX Artist

We are seeking Crowd FX Artists to join our Burbank, CA studio. Our Crowd FX Artists apply their creative and technical skills to populate Walt Disney Animation Studio projects with world-class crowds. They will be part of the filmmaking process from asset creation through early shot layout to final rendering.


Apply creative and technical skills to create great-looking crowds
Design crowd character behavior from scratch within Houdini and Massive
Create crowd versions of character geometry, materials, and rigs with an eye toward variation and efficiency
Identify and breakdown behaviors into cycles for artists to animate
Work with the larger production to populate shots with crowds from early layout to final rendering
Be a strong collaborator during brainstorming and problem-solving sessions
Identify opportunities to share knowledge and educate others on production process


Strong understanding of the filmmaking process in a large-scale VFX or CG animation production
Strong understanding of crowd agent design, simulation, and behavior
Strong understanding of the principles of effects particle systems, animation, and simulation
Strong technical understanding of digital pipeline issues and optimization
Good understanding of modeling, texturing, and rigging techniques
Excellent problem solving skills
Ability to present ideas and to communicate clearly with artistic and studio leadership
Ability to work in a collaborative environment, taking as well as giving direction with tact
Bachelors degree or higher in Art, Cinema Studies, Computer Graphics, Computer Science, Engineering, related field, or equivalent experience
Strong knowledge of each of the following technical areas:
Houdini®, Massive®, Maya®, Renderman® or other render engines
Crowd simulation tools/techniques
Particle system tools/techniques
3D sculpting, texturing, and rigging tools/techniques
The Unix/Linux environment
Python and Mel scripting
Visual examples of images exemplifying work in this area are requested for review. Additionally, please include a resume and reel breakdown with your online profile.

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