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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting Production Supervisor

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Production Supervisor

The Production Supervisor (PS) is responsible for managing the day­to­day production within a specific department(s). In all duties below, the PS must work in collaboration with the department head. The success of their partnership will be a primary factor in the department’s success on the film.
In addition, the PS is a leadership role in the studio and, as such, must accept the responsibility of supporting and representing the directives of the studio and the production leadership.


Work with PM and/or AP to meet overall production scheduling and man week requirements; help ensure the man weeks and schedule are updated as changes are made to the film’s production flow and/or staffing plans
Understand how changes may affect the work week, scheduling, and overtime
Look ahead to ensure weekly quotas, department milestones and inventory expectations are met. Strategize with Department Head, film’s upper management, and other PSs to resolve productivity or inventory issues
Collaborate with Department Head to ensure complexity of work is consistent with department budget and schedule
Strategize with Department Head and film’s upper management on how to resolve overages
Collaborate with Department Head to develop and manage department workflow processes
Develop and manage internal department schedules and staffing requirements.
Create a list of critical assumptions and highlight any vulnerability
Create and maintain reports that clearly illustrate department and individual artist productivity
Collaborate with Department Head to cast assignments and issue deadlines to artists
Perform walk­arounds to check in with the crew
Drive dailies for the department and any other opportunities for director approval
Act as the primary production person within the department; supervise and mentor any Production Assistants in that department
Partner with Department Head to coach, mentor, and give performance feedback to all department members on the film. In partnership with Artist Management, drive the feedback process and deliver feedback
Partner with Department Head to manage conflict within the department and report to Artist Management, HR, and production leadership when necessary
In partnership with the Department Head, develop a plan for training crew in the department tasks and collaborate with the training department as needed
Manage, motivate, and create an environment conducive to achieving quotas and artistic achievements
Represent the department in weekly production meetings. Report department progress and discuss solutions to issues impeding the department
Ensure all production data is tracked via the film’s production­tracking database
Trouble­shoot wherever necessary to ensure timely delivery of sequences; determine, with the Associate Producer and Production Manager, when schedules will be modified to meet efficiency or inventory demandsManage day­to­day department planning issues, such as overtime and vacation; review time sheets of the department crew


4 years minimum industry experience
Bachelor’s degree in film / TV production or equivalent experience
Strong organization skills
Must have the ability to prioritize tasks at hand, assisting on all phases of production
Strong understanding of CG animation processes
Clear understanding of the principles of animation production
Computer database skills a plus
Demonstrated success engaging in problem­solving techniques

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