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Disney Animation Studios Recruiting Set Extension Artist

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Set Extension Artist

Walt Disney Animation Studios combines the very best in artistry and storytelling with cutting-edge technology to bring wonderful new characters to the big screen for audiences around the world. Constantly challenged to create innovative new technologies for animated features, theme park productions, and special projects for the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Animation Studios is home to some of the most talented artists working in the film industry today.
Disney’s Set Extension/Matte Painting Artists use their knowledge of today’s CG tools to create complex believable digital environments in a 3D world. We currently have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Set Extension Artist at our Burbank, CA studios.


Work with the Directors and Production Designers to stylistically extend the environments digitally for the films we are creating
Create complex backgrounds, landscapes, and environments in a 3D world using digital rendering and painting programs such as Maya, RenderMan, Photoshop, Nuke, as well as Disney’s proprietary software, etc.
Extrapolate art direction: i.e. design, architectural style, lighting and graphics, which adhere to the Director’s overall vision
Support the technical aspects of the work created
Setup and execute 3D paintings for Dailies presentation
Help formulate and explore the future direction of set extension tools and techniques in the Look Development department
Collaborate with the Art Department, Layout, Modeling, Look Development, Lighting, and Stereo teams
Learn the Look Development toolset and share the Set Extension process to the rest of the Look Development group


Bachelors degree or comparable experience
High skill level in painting, composition, perspective, and color in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.
6+ years feature film experience
Comfortable Modeling in systems such as Maya
Knowledge of lighting, shading, and rendering in programs such as RenderMan, V-Ray, and Arnold
Knowledge of Mac OSX and Linux
Portfolio samples of both Set Extensions and traditional painting

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