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Double Negative Recruiting Pipeline TD, Rigger, 2D Trainer & Line Producer

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Pipeline TD

Department: 3D
Location: Singapore
Closing Date: N/A
Reports To: Head of 3D
Direct Reports: N/A

Key Purpose of the Job

Senior and Lead Pipeline Technical Directors guide the work of ATDs and more junior Pipeline TDs, as well as designing and developing essential tools for the show.

Needs To Do

Vet artist requests for new tools.
Technical problem solving.
Support tickets for issues related to main pipe (db), 3D and 2D.
Tool development for 3d/2d dept normally in python.
Facilitate the hand-off of new tools and pipeline improvements at the end of production.
Work with CG Supervisor and R&D/Pipe to address show-specific pipeline needs.
Create documentation and tutorials for tools and procedures.
Develop test plans to ensure quality of both show-based and studio-based software.
Work with artists to improve tool usability.
Monitor and maintain show’s pipeline.
Serve as the conduit to Pipe and R&D for reporting and managing tool and pipeline fixes and new releases.
Work with London Pipe/RnD with easing site to site data and workflow issues.
Makes recommendations and provides solutions to improve quality, efficiency, and workflow.
Develop new tools and scripts as required by the show.
Write tool specs to be developed by London pipe team.
Work with Pipe to maintain, extend, and update pipeline software.

Needs To Know

4+ years of experience as a Pipeline TD.
Demonstrated ability of analyzing production procedures and solving problems.
Expert level understanding of the Visual Effects pipeline.
Expert knowledge and experience with Python and PyQt.
Intermediate level or better experience with the APIs and use of Maya, Nuke and/or Houdini
Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills.
Excellent customer service and communication skills.
Proven ability to work independently and as a lead in team settings.
Proactive and highly motivated.
Advanced-level or better knowledge of Linux/UNIX and the command-line shell.

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Department: 3D
Location: London
Closing Date: N/A
Reports To: Head of Rigging
Direct Reports: N/A

Key Purpose of the Job

The Rigger is responsible for creating animation rigs for characters, creatures, props and vehicles. The role may require the implementation of proprietary tools to aid in the creation of a rig. The Rigger must collaborate with the CG Lead and the Animation Lead to develop the most suitable rigging solutions.

Needs To Do

Work closely with the CG Lead to ensure that the rig is pipeline friendly for texturing, lighting and rendering.
Work with the Animation Lead/Supervisor to develop an intuitive and responsive rig for each character.
Work with The Rigging Lead to meet project schedules and manage their time to the successful delivery of rigs within those schedules.
Communicate with the Modelling Department to ensure that models are suitable for rigging.
Communicate with the R&D Department where necessary to effectively help develop the tools and technology to aid in delivering high-quality rigs.

Needs To Know

5+ years CG experience, ideally within feature films
Ability to perform visual and analytical problem solving in 3-dimensional space, including the ability to accurately interpret 3D layouts and analyse 3D form.
Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks.
A thorough knowledge of Maya and Mel
Needs To Be
Ability to work well in a team environment
Highly motivated
Accepting of change
Measures of Performance
Must achieve set quota per week/month
Make sure team meet weekly/monthly quota

If you are interested in applying for this role, please email with your CV, covering letter, showreel and breakdown.

2D Trainer

Department: 2D
Location: Singapore
Closing Date:
Reports To: General Manager
Direct Reports:

Key Purpose of the Job

To take responsibility for the design, continued development and delivery of 2D training within Double Negative Singapore

Needs To Do

Working with the Heads of 2D, 2D Supervisors, other Trainers and HR, carry out training needs analysis to ensure appropriate training material and courses are designed
Deliver training programmes to artists either in a group classroom setting, online or on a one-to-one basis
Work with experienced Compositors and Supervisors to design and deliver courses
Produce relevant materials and other documents such as handouts, manuals and exercises to complement training
Maintain and organise training area of the intranet to make access to material efficient
Responsible for recording training sessions and uploading to the intranet
Evaluate the effectiveness of the training and make relevant amendments
When appropriate liaise with external course providers and specialists
Liaise with the RnD group to deliver training for in house developed tools and methodologies
Keep up to date with relevant systems, software and online training technology
Be point of contact for any 2D training queries within business

Needs To Know

Working knowledge of Nuke
Needs To Be
Strong Roto, Prep and Compositor with proven experience in Training
Ability to pick up new software quickly
Exceptional communicator, facilitator and trainer
Team player but able to motivate self and work independently on own initiative
Ability to liaise confidently and credibly with people at all levels
Proven ability to influence and build strong working relations within an organisation
Flexible, can-do attitude with the ability to react calmly in a pressurised situation
Film experience preferred

Please apply for this role at

Line Producer

Department: Production
Location: Singapore
Closing Date: N/A
Reports To: Producer / Executive Produce
Direct Reports: Producer

Key Purpose of the Job

To provide and frequently adapt a detailed plan for the delivery of a project to the visual effects producer, supervisors and individual artists and liaising with the London office central schedule to ensure efficient allocation of Singapore based artists

Needs To Do

Responsible for the company schedule in Singapore, working with central scheduling, producers and department heads in London and Singapore to allocate crew
Forward planning and liaising with the central schedule in London to allocate crew in the future
Setting up regular cinesync/telephone conferences with London
Liaising with supervisors and leads to coordinate work going in and out of the building
Working with HR, department heads and supervisors in London and Singapore to identify recruitment needs
Ensure the visual effects team understand goals and deadlines running dailies and doing daily rounds
Work with the coordinators to ensure the actuals of what has happened on shots and tasks are recorded
Adapting the schedule to reflect the changing needs of the client and the company and to reflect the impact of how artists are actually doing based on info supplied by coordinators
Communicating the schedule to the artists
Sending deliverables to London

Needs To Know

Project management experience with MS Project or similar essential
Office, particularly Excel
Strong management skills
Experience of working as a producer within a production driven environment
Understanding of VFX processes
Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills

Needs To Be

Proven track record in project management
Skilled at quick analysis, problem solving and decision making in order to meet daily/weekly challenges with solutions as well as the capacity to see longer term strategic goals in terms of resourcing and demands of upcoming projects
Able to communicate effectively between offices internationally
Capable of organising and coordinating people
Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm
Calm, organised and methodical in approach to work able to remain so under pressure and when working to tight deadlines

To apply please email
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