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Double Negative Recruiting Senior Compositor & Pipeline TD

Double Negative hiring, Double Negative Singapore Hiring

Senior Compositor

Category: Compositor
Company: Double Negative
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Key Purpose Of The Job

To seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements. Senior compositors work closely with Visual Effects Supervisors and 2D Supervisors to composite the numerous elements that complete a visual effects shot.
Senior compositors are expected to work on the most complex and demanding shots in the film. Senior compositors may take on a sequence of shots to keep continuity between them.

Needs To Do

Blue/green screen extractions
Seamless integration of live action, miniature and CGI sources
Take part in client reviews
Follow production methodologies and develop creative approaches and problem-solving
Performing all aspects of composite fx design
Constantly deliver excellent results with minimal supervision
Could confidently perform setup tasks for a mid sized team
Needs To Know
You must have a minimum of 8 years VFX industry experience
Experience in using Nuke
A knowledge and interest in photography and practical lighting is helpful
Critical eye for detail, and strong communication skills
Excellent understanding of compositing

Needs To Be
Team oriented

If you would like to apply for this position, then please submit your cover letter, CV, showreel and breakdown to

Pipeline TD

Category: Pipeline Programmer
Company: Double Negative
Location: Singapore (Singapore)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Key Purpose Of The Job

Senior and Lead Pipeline Technical Directors guide the work of ATDs and more junior Pipeline TDs, as well as designing and developing essential tools for the show.

Needs To Do

Vet artist requests for new tools.
Technical problem solving.
Support tickets for issues related to main pipe (db), 3D and 2D.
Tool development for 3d/2d dept normally in python.
Facilitate the hand-off of new tools and pipeline improvements at the end of production.
Work with CG Supervisor and R&D/Pipe to address show-specific pipeline needs.
Create documentation and tutorials for tools and procedures.
Develop test plans to ensure quality of both show-based and studio-based software.
Work with artists to improve tool usability.
Monitor and maintain show’s pipeline.
Serve as the conduit to Pipe and R&D for reporting and managing tool and pipeline fixes and new releases.
Work with London Pipe/RnD with easing site to site data and workflow issues.
Makes recommendations and provides solutions to improve quality, efficiency, and workflow.
Develop new tools and scripts as required by the show.
Write tool specs to be developed by London pipe team.
Work with Pipe to maintain, extend, and update pipeline software.

Needs To Know

4+ years of experience as a Pipeline TD.
Demonstrated ability of analyzing production procedures and solving problems.
Expert level understanding of the Visual Effects pipeline.
Expert knowledge and experience with Python and PyQt.
Intermediate level or better experience with the APIs and use of Maya, Nuke and/or Houdini
Excellent troubleshooting and debugging skills.
Excellent customer service and communication skills.
Proven ability to work independently and as a lead in team settings.
Proactive and highly motivated.
Advanced-level or better knowledge of Linux/UNIX and the command-line shell.

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