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Double Negative Recruiting Vfx Supervisor, 3D Supervisor & Generalist TD

Double Negative


Job Title: Visual Effects Supervisor (Singapore)
Department: 3D
Location: Singapore
Closing Date: N/A
Reports To: Creative Director
Direct Reports: N/A

Key Purpose of the Job
The Visual Effects Supervisor is responsible for achieving the creative aims of the Director and/or Producers through the use of visual effects. Responsible for the VFX Post Production process, creatively leading the artists throughout the show ensuring that good and clear communication occurs at all times between the artists, editor and client. Will handle the VFX project from conception through to completion.

Needs To Do
Requires understanding of production process, as approves work of all crew on a show.
Verifies technical solutions proposed by other crew members.
Works closely with VFX Supervisor to develop and interpret their creative vision.
Briefs entire crew on director’s creative vision to enable artists to produce desired results.
Communicates with external production companies.
Management responsibility – to coordinate management of show, project schedules to ensure work is delivered to deadlines, managing crew.

Needs To Know
At least 10+ years VFX post-production experience.
CG Supervisor or possibly previous VFX Supervisor experience on 2 or 3 major films required
Creative eye and aesthetic judgement – knowing composition, cinematic design and animation timing
Needs to have an understanding of Directing/Lighting/Camera work/Practical Effects/Camera Gripping/Art Department/Production Design and Props
Innate sense of composition, light, colour and excellent attention to detail
On-set supervision experience.
Ability to work to and meet strict deadlines often under pressure
Excellent communication, organisation skills and financial and budget management skills
Expert in industry standard software packages such as Maya, Houdini. A thorough understanding of the CG &2D principles and pipeline is essential

Needs To Be
Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities
Technically and creatively astute
Highly organised
Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels

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Job Title: 3D Supervisor (Singapore)
Department: 3D
Location: Singapore
Closing Date: N/A
Reports To: Creative Director
Direct Reports: N/A

Key Purpose of the Job

Needs To Do
Provide technical and artistic leadership for cg departments including modelling, texturing, look development, effects and lighting and rendering.
Set objectives for artists and monitor their progress.
Interpret the artistic brief from the director / vfx supervisor.
Take responsibility for the allocation of resources across the show in order to achieve production goals.
Specify cg pipelines to ensure efficient shot production and supervise their implementation.
Manage communication between departments.
Ensure that all work is of a high standard both artistically and technically.
Work with R&D to specify new tools as required and provide continuing feedback on their effectiveness.
Manage staff effectively so that they work well in a team and continue to be as effective as possible.

Needs To Know
Should have a comprehensive understanding of all areas of CG production including rendering, lighting, scripting and creature setup.
Must be very familiar with 3D software packages, particularly maya, houdini and prman.
Knowledge relating to animation and compositing is an advantage.

Needs To Be
Pro-active and good at solving problems.
A good communicator who can work well with artists of all types.
Measures of Performance
Delivery of projects on time.
Smooth running of projects.
Achieving consistently high standards of work across the project.
Continuous improvement.

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Job Title: Technical Director -Generalist
Department: 3D
Location: London
Closing Date: –
Reports To: Head of 3D
Direct Reports:-

Key Purpose of the Job
3D generalists are required to handle varied 3D tasks on shows.

Needs To Do
Responsible for a range of 3D tasks, including modelling, animation, texturing, lighting and rendering.
Stay on schedule and meet deadlines whilst maintaining the highest quality of work

Needs To Know
Thorough knowledge of the principles of 3D (animation, FX, modelling, texturing, lighting, scripting, shading, rendering, rigging)
Comfortable with the more technical aspects of CG work, with an understanding of the artistic side as well
Familiarity with pipeline issues and problem solving
Extensive experience in Maya and/ or Houdini
Extensive knowledge of rendering packages e.g. Renderman/ Mental Ray
Strong understanding of linux/ unix based operating systems
Knowledge of Python and/or Mel Scripting is desirable
At least 3 years experience in feature films. Experience in other areas of visual effects (TV, Games) will also be taken into account

Needs To Be
Good communication and organisational skills
Creative problem solver and good attention to detail
Able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines, whilst maintaining high quality results
Able to work as part of a team as well as alone
Able to work with little supervision
Flexible and adaptable

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