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Double Negative Singapore Recruiting FX Supervisor

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FX Supervisor

Double Negative Singapore is looking for FX Supervisor to join the team!

Key Purpose of the Job:

The FX Supervisor is responsible for leading a team of Effects Artists and managing the day-to-day production needs. The FX Supervisor will supervise the Effects
team in the technical and artistic aspects of the visual effects production. Would need to work closely with Producer, VF Supervisor, Head of 3D and Supervisors.

Needs To Do:

Supervise the effects team to deliver photorealistic simulations of real-world phenomena effects.
Brief Effects Artists and provide constructive feedback to ensure consistency.
Responsible in directing and guiding the overall effects and simulations on schedule and budget.
Managing production workflow and pipeline.
Perform all aspects of effects production
Provides technical guidance to Effects team.
Responsible for problem solving and communication issues at the technical level.
Communicates with other departments to insure the seamless integration of work from other disciplines (Lighting, Modeling, Compositing etc).
Work closely with Head of 3D to guide artists overall professional development, providing performance feedback, mentoring and maintaining positive moral among the team.
Attend all relevant meetings to promote effective communication to the team
Ensure schedules and deliverables are met on budget.

Needs To Know:

Must have a minimum of 8 years as FX TD and at least 2 years as a FX Supervisor.
Extensive knowledge of Houdini and/or Maya (Python, Hscript or Mel knowledge a plus)
Proven experience in producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions, plus experience with particle and voxel based rendering
An eye for details, good sense of timing, and thorough understanding of techniques and technologies relating to physical simulation in computer graphics
Experience in live action FX work preferred
Familiarity with pipeline issues and problem solving
Experienced in project management, balancing quality with time constraints.
High level feature film experience in live action films
Good experience in leading and training teams of Effects Artitsts
Excellent in artistic and technical skills
Able to provide artistic and technical solutions to Effects Team
Critical eye for details and able to communicate visual aspects to team

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