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Framestore Recruiting Animation Supervisor

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Animation Supervisor

Category: Other
Company: Framestore
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

We’re looking for a creative, talented Animation Supervisor to join our team. If you are the right one for us, you are passionate about storytelling and love creating photorealistic characters and creatures. You are interested in being intimately involved in the creation of a story from initial concepts and storyboards, through to transforming the creative into an awesome 100% CG dark ride experience.
The Dark Ride project will be using cutting edge ride technology to create a completely believable feeling that our CG characters and scenes are actually real. It uses many huge screens set around a massive sound-stage full of practical sets that the ride vehicles crashes through during the adventure. The clever use of stereo and perspective warping makes the riders genuinely not know where the physical set ends and the CG begins. The end result is ride that leaves people floored, and they keep coming back for decades to ride it again and again. These are the most extreme entertainment experiences on the planet.
We will be creating CG scenes set in a wide range of very dynamic environments, with many highly detailed and exquisitely animated characters. A custom score and soundtrack with be created to sync up to our work, as well as many live special effects such as water, fire, smoke, moving vehicles. It’s going to be cool.
The Animation Supervisor will be responsible for the overall quality of the animation on the project, for keeping it on brief and for delivering consistent performances by assigning, or casting, the appropriate Animators.

Key Responsibilities:

Recruit, train and mentor a team of Animators
Provide examples and benchmarks for the animation team to work to
Work closely with the Animation Lead to ensure the team are producing high quality animation which creates compelling, story-driven and action packed moments that fit within the style and pacing of the project
Take responsibility for the quality of work across the team
Work with rigging and pipeline to provide suggestions and feedback in order to improve character setup, visual quality, rigs and tool functionality
Work with the Animation Lead to ensure ongoing communication with Production regarding the team’s progress towards the schedule
Overall responsibility for meeting show milestones and deadlines
Attend client reviews and lead daily reviews with the animation team
Continue to become familiar with new tools, software, data and other related technologies

Essential Skills:

A thorough knowledge of Maya
A strong grasp of physical motion, weight, balance, texture and form
A demonstrable understanding of rigs and typical rigging set-ups, animation pipelines and transferring data between tools
Knowledge of human and animal anatomy as well as life drawing skills
Previous experience with character and dialogue performance
A demonstrable commitment to creative collaboration within a team and with other departments
Previous experience supervising/leading a team
Attention to detail and problem solving skills
Reliable, with good timekeeping and the ability to meet deadlines
Excellent organisation, communication, interpersonal, and management skills
Adaptability and the willingness to learn new processes and technical skills

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