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Framestore Recruiting Junior Flame Artist

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Junior Flame Artist

Category: Other
Company: Framestore
Location: London (United Kingdom)
Start Date: immediately

Job Description

Initially the job of a Junior Flame Artist involves assisting more experienced Flame artists in the preparation and completion of jobs. The role will be based primarily in a suite working closely with the operator and his/her clients, learning the basics of operating the kit and general client handling skills. This will then enable the successful candidate to assist the operator in the completion of jobs – ranging from small ‘hourly’ bookings/clocks and laybacks, through to longer more involved projects. Once an initial training period is completed they will then assist other operators as needed on a job by job basis, allowing them to see the different ways each operator works, and undertake short bookings of their own.

Initial Duties:

Working closely with Data Services & Production to make sure all necessary media, EDLs, and artwork are prepared & ready for the booking & where they should be
Working with offline edits, eye-matching material
Conforming edits including manipulating EDLs, understanding vari-speeds, dissolves, wipes etc.
To assist in finding any extra material that might be needed – FX elements etc.
Clocking and laybacks
QC & Mastering requirements including the knowledge of technical areas, 4:3 / 14:9 / 16:9 type safety, PAL, NTSC & HD deliveries
Understanding of Clearcast rules for legal type and size, flashing
Organising media for archiving & liasing with Data Services to ensure the space is managed efficiently on the Flames
Ensuring archives are using protocolled labeling systems

Skills To Develop:

Compositing – initially cleanup work to develop into multi layered, VFX heavy compositing
Paint and Roto and 3D tracking
Coping with multiple requests & prioritising
Understanding of the chain of command – Directors / Producers / Creatives / Clients
Time management – learning how long given tasks will take
Liaising with Production regarding schedules & overruns

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