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Framestore Recruiting (Multiple Opening)

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Head of Production FRAMESTORE – Montréal – Film



The Head of Production is a key part of the local management team in Montreal, alongside the Head of Operations, the General Manager and creative supervisors. The overall purpose of the role is to manage production of all work through the Montreal facility and to run the production team. The Head of Production has oversight of all project budgets and schedules and specific responsibility for those project revenues and costs pertaining to the Montreal facility.
Additionally, responsibilities will cover aspects of new business, under direction from the Joint MDs of Film and the CEO.


Production Management

Responsible for recruitment and daily management of local VFX Production team
Appraisals of all local production staff (in conjunction with London counterparts where necessary)
To assess local production needs, allocating relevant VFX producer and production teams to each project
Key point of contact for issues arising in Montreal productions, escalating issues and recommendations to Joint MDs, Film and London counterparts where needed
Joint responsibility, alongside Head of Operations and London counterparts, for monitoring production tools and workflows, especially as they pertain to Multisite working
Joint responsibility, alongside Head of Operations, for new show set-up needs and procedures

Executive VFX Production

To maintain an overview of all VFX producers’ schedules (local and global), ensuring projects are completed to highest standard achievable
To meet regularly with VFX Producers to monitor project budgets (local and combined) and ensure that they are working within given targets
To oversee liaison with clients in areas of responsibility and budgetary importance as needed
To engage in Montreal production team mentoring, support and training as agreed

Budgetary Control

Responsible for working with Joint MDs, Film and group COO to set approved budgets at start of project
Monitoring project costs in line with production progress and overall budgetary targets
To meet regularly with VFX Producers to monitor project budgets and ensure that they are working within given targets
To oversee liaison with London colleagues in areas of responsibility and budgetary importance as needed

Additional Responsibilities:

To work alongside the Head of Operations to assess crewing needs for all VFX projects in line with London counterparts
To liaise with Resources team and other key support departments as needed, both locally and globally
Joint responsibility, alongside Head of Operations, for Montreal new business meetings and bidding (in line with instructions from Joint MDs Film & CEO)
To act as local ambassador for Framestore and promote a professional, creative and vibrant environment to the local VFX and film community

 Sr. VFX Producer – FRAMESTORE – Montréal and London – Film



Visual Effects Producers are responsible for managing large-scale film VFX projects. They are responsible for managing our clients, budgets and internal crew, bidding and negotiating for new projects and working with the creative and business management teams on new business developments.
VFX Producers work closely with the Head of Production to provide effective guidance to more junior Producers and Coordinators. They also work closely with other Producers and our Heads of Department.


Produce and manage budgets and schedules that take into account the VFX work required, ensuring that the project is completed to the highest standard achievable
Liaise with clients
Correspond with clients via bids, reports, approval documents, cash-flow, change orders etc.
Manage project milestones and deliveries in accordance with the implemented schedule
Handle performance, productivity, attendance and time keeping in liaison with team leaders
Liaise with Resources team and other key support departments
Provide verbal and written progress reports to clients, management and internal teams every week
Pitch and bid for new business

Essential Skills:

Previous credited experience as a VFX Producer
Highly organised with first-class time/project management skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent client and crew management skills
Proven ability to prioritise conflicting tasks
Proven ability to manage high revenue budgets
Ability to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment
Ability to work within a team towards a common goal
Thorough understanding of live-action and CG based VFX workflows

Desired Skills:

Existing industry contacts
Good knowledge of MS Office packages (including Word, Excel and Project)

VFX SUPERVISOR – FRAMESTORE – Montréal and London – Film


VFX Supervisor

The Visual Effects Supervisor is responsible for the creative direction of live-action/computer generated films. They are the key point of contact with the creative leads on the client/production side in collaboration with the Producer. The VFX Supervisor is the point person for deciding internal tasking on shots, conducting efficient review of artists’ work and has sole responsibility for internal sign off on ‘final’ shots.


Design and implement the creative direction of each shot and sequence
Work closely with the client(s) to ensure that their vision is met, constantly improving on client’s wishes
Contribute to bidding stage by assessing shots and completely breakdowns
Work closely with the VFX Producer to ensure an accurate production schedule is set up and maintained
Work out element, technical and R&D requirements
Daily review of assets and work in progress
Work closely with all departments on pipeline improvements and developments

Essential Skills:

Extensive experience in visual effects for film including recent supervision experience both studio based and on location
Experience of working to tight budgets and timelines
Excellent leadership, communication and problem solving skills
A solid knowledge of VFX/CG shot production and its iteration process
Strong creative and technical skills in photo-realistic 3D animation and competency in all other areas of 3D including modelling, texturing, lighting, FX and rendering
Extensive experience with blue/green screen compositing as well as the integration of 3D elements into plates
Extensive experience with digital matte painting
A thorough understanding of colour theory and film application for live-action film including film-stock, film-grain, colour space and look-up tables, film processing and DI processing
A desire to learn from others and to take on increasingly challenging work

Head of FX – FRAMESTORE – Montréal – Film



We are looking for an experienced FX leader to join our team in Montreal. The Head of Department will work closely with their counterpart in
London to ensure that the FX department within Framestore VFX has the right tools, workflows and people to deliver the work required on our shows.


Build the FX department including the planning and development of studio standard FX tools and their use on shows
Manage the process of taking complex FX systems and turning them into practical tools usable for show TDs
Work closely with software development to spec software needs for FX tools
Actively keep up to date on production techniques and R&D related to FX (Siggraph papers etc.)
Ensure that there is effective and responsive input from the department in film division decisions
Work closely with other departments to ensure inter-departmental cooperation
Set the direction and maintain standards for the department
Produce realistic schedules and help assign resources
Help build the team by being involved in recruitment
Responsible for the training and career development of team members

Key Skills:

A proven track record in film quality FX production
Extensive production experience in a similar or relevant position
Experience in leading FX teams on large VFX projects
Extremely strong experience in Maya and Houdini producing environmental FX, rigid body dynamics, fluid dynamics and particles
Experience working with VFX Supervisors/Directors breaking down complex FX problems to practical approaches achievable within budget and schedules
Excellent communication skills
Excellent organization skills
Negotiation and conflict resolution skills
Able to promote and initiate change

Comp Supervisor – FRAMESTORE – Montréal – Film


The Compositing Supervisor plays a key role in driving the overall direction of the 2D department as well as building up a world class compositing team. He/she will be responsible for the management of the compositing team, the quality of the compositing work and an overview and development of the 2D pipeline across film, TV and digital projects. Working closely with the Visual Effects Supervisor, CG Supervisor and Producer the Compositing Supervisor communicates and delegates the compositing needs of the project(s) to the compositing team as well as represents the voice of the compositing crew with respect to workload and pipeline environment. The Compositing Supervisor leads by example and maintains a hands on compositing role, but also takes on project specific duties including monitoring shot and overall project progress. The overall aim for the Compositing Supervisor is to build and lead a team that is motivated and enthusiastic, where there are opportunities for each Compositor to learn and grow and that produces great work.


Recruit, train and mentor a team of Compositors
Brief/mentor junior/mid/senior level talent and cast shots appropriately
Take responsibility for the quality of the work of the team as a whole
Composite shots and sequences to a finished standard
Work proactively and collaboratively with all other VFX and support departments
Work closely with production to bid and schedule work
Attend client reviews and lead daily reviews with the Compositing team
On set VFX supervision for (but not limited to) 2D based projects
Balance the creative and technical aspects of each shot/sequence
Solve any difficult technical and artistic compositing challenges
Colour pipeline management and 2D workflow as it integrates with DI, CG and DMP
Take a leadership role in guiding the longer term goals of the 2D department, covering both building up a team of Compositors as well as 2D pipeline development, including taking into account stereoscopic projects

Essential Skills:

Deep understanding of film VFX processes and pipeline
Knowledge and experience in stereoscopic projects – native and post stereo
Several years experience in Compositing predominantly in film or TV and commercials
Expert user of Nuke plus other compositing software
Critical eye for detail and a beautiful compositing show reel
Able to work well under pressure
Proven artist management and leadership skills
Experience recruiting and building up a 2D team
Highly organized
Solid negotiation skills
Proven ability to work collaboratively with other departments
Lighting photography core skills
On set VFX supervision experience
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