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Fuse FX Recruiting 3D Animator

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3D Animator

FUSEFX in Burbank, CA is seeking talented and experienced 3D Animators.
FUSEFX is a visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.

Animator’s Preferred Requirements:

* Proficiency in 3dsmax animation toolset
* Minimum of 5 years’ experience animating quadrupeds and bipeds
* Strong understanding of animation principles in traditional and digital techniques
* In-depth knowledge of FK/IK systems
* Rigging and Skin weighting skills a plus


* 5+ years’ experience in a production environment
* Should effectively execute all necessary assigned tasks while under tight production schedule deadlines
* Strong creative and technical abilities
* Serve as an active participant in team discussions, critiques and reviews
* Excellent problem solving skills
* Positive attitude and self-motivated

Please send resumes and reel links to with the subject “Animation Position”

No calls please
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