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Fuse FX Recruiting CG Generalist & Senior VFX Artist

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CG Generalist


Proficiency in 3ds Max and Vray Rendering System
Experience with particle systems such as PFlow and/or Thinking Particles
Smoke and fire experience with Afterburn and FumeFX
Simulation Experience with cloth, hair, RealFlow and Reactor
Node based compositing experience with Nuke, Fusion or Shake
3d tracking with Boujou or SynthEyes


3+ years experience in a production environment
Should effectively execute all necessary assigned tasks while under tight production schedule deadlines
Strong creative and technical abilities
Excellent problem solving skills
Positive attitude
Work well in a team environment

Please send resumes and reel links to

Apply here:-

Senior VFX Artist

FuseFX LA is looking for an exceptionally skilled senior VFX artist to work on a team that is developing VFX for episodic television.

FUSEFX is a visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.


• Houdini, rbds, dops, and fluid solvers. We are creating a wide range of VFX including oceans, splashes, destruction, and much more.


• Thinking Particles, FumeFX, Pflow, Krakatoa within 3dsmax environment.


• Must have 5 years experience in simulated effects
• Excellent Houdini and or Thinking Particles/Pflow effects skills.
• Experience in creating effects such as fire, smoke, destruction, explosions, mist, dust or similar.
• Thorough understanding of simulation techniques and technologies relating to effects.
• Good working knowledge of Mantra or Vray preferred.
• Vex and Python programming skills are an advantage.
• You must be able to work well within a team to develop new tools for ongoing productions whilst also being able to solve shot-specific issues independently.
• Previous film industry and/or television experience is preferred.
• Must be able to perform under tight deadlines.
• Must work well in an environment of peers who are passionate about making great pictures.

Along with your CV please submit a show reel demonstrating previous FX experience with dynamics and particles to

Please include a shot breakdown with your show reel.


Apply here:-
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