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FuseFX Recruiting 2D Coordinator

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2D Coordinator

Job Summary:

FuseFX Los Angeles, CA is seeking a talented 2D Coordinator who will assist Production Management with resource planning and department workflow.

Job Description And responsibilities:

• Responsible for taking detailed notes and creating action items from weekly production meetings
• Participates in the data collection and presentation during resource planning meetings
• Go-to resource for 2D artist assignments and tracking project schedules
• Increases artist efficiency and utilization within the department
• Looks for ways to improve and innovate existing workflows and production tools
• Maintains and distribute various in-house scheduling documents (ie. out schedules, timesheets, time off requests and coverage)
• Daily walk-through of artist task activities, workloads, and schedules
• Manages artist status and helps communicate task priorities and resource availability to artists and producing teams
• Manages artist Actuals by checking resource needs against resource allocations
• Liaison between supervisors, producers, artists and other departments to ensure smooth communication
• Generates weekend schedules and coverage
• Liaison with the Marketing team to expedite and assign demo reel and pitch material
• FTP & Interdubs account creation
• Collects Producer and Supervisor feedback regarding artists and help maintain artist assessment tool
• Generates “Welcome” emails and seating assignments for new artists
• Manages 2D render farm priority requests
• Coordinates with NY & BC offices regarding shared work
• Ensures information in the Database is accurate and up-to-date


• Bachelor’s degree in film, art, communications, or related field
• 2 years’ minimum experience in visual effects production and/or post production
• Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft office
• Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills
• Ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
• Excellent problem solving skills
• Positive attitude with the ability to adapt quickly under pressure
• Desire to learn and grow as a department facing production resource

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