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Gearbox Software Recruiting UI Artist/Designer & Animation Programmer

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UI Artist/Designer


Gearbox Software is looking for a passionate, talented artist with a knack for UI and iconography. Qualified applicants will meet the following requirements listed below.


Work in tandem with the User Interface Lead to form an overall style for the game’s front end, HUD and menus. Design and create vector and bitmap-based icons. Build UI content in Flash and implement into the game via Scaleform. Work in tandem with the Marketing Department to create web content, printed advertisements and other marketing materials.


At least 3 years of professional experience as a UI Designer
Excellent graphic design skills
Ability to present lots of information in limited screen space with a focus on form & function
Ability to create high quality iconography
Expert in Photoshop
Ability to rapidly prototype designs in a variety of visual styles
Team player with a great attitude & love for video games
Ability to create new art assets or match existing art styles

Desired skills:

Scaleform experience
Flash experience
Video game industry experience

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Animation Programmer

Gearbox Software is looking for a full-time Animation Programmer to join our animation technology team.
An animation programmer has an important role at Gearbox Software. Animation is key to the player’s experience and interacts with every area of development: design, art, effects, audio, performance, etc. It is the animation programmer’s responsibility to collaborate with other people and departments to ensure that our animation systems achieve the artistic, fun, and functional goals of our games.

As an animation programmer, you will:

Interface with animation, design, and engineering teams to create solutions that meet project goals
Innovate and improve animation-centric tools, pipeline, and technology

Required Skills:

Computer Science degree and/or 2 years game industry experience
Experience in at least one animation technology (runtime systems, motion blending, procedural animation, compression, physics-based animation, IK, etc.)
Work well in a team environment
Excellent C++ and OOP skills
Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Strong Math Skills

Desired Skills:

Knowledge of animation and design principles
Familiarity with animation techniques and authoring packages (Maya, Max, Motion Builder, etc)
Experience with Unreal Engine and/or familiarity with other animation engines (Mechanim, Morpheme, Havok, etc.)
Familiarity with modern design patterns and software architecture
Current and/or next generation console experience
Experience with version control systems (Git, SVN, Perforce, etc.)

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