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Assets Supervisor in Malaysia !

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Reporting directly to Head of Production, the Asset Supervisor will supervise, monitor, direct and influence wide-ranging aspects of high-end asset creation across multiple projects. This position is directly responsible for ensuring the delivery of shot ready assets from the disciplines of modeling, texturing and rigging.
You were likely to have worked as modelling supervisor, CG supervisor or similar.
A natural team player, people manager and forward thinking professional.
Have skills and experience to respond confidently to assets creations, complex rigging and/or VFX problems, which in turn push quality benchmarks to the highest level.
Your job is not only focussed on overcoming technical and creative challenges, but ensuring your team are utilised to their full potential.


Work in Malaysia: Enjoy sun, rains and thunderstorms, great foods and people.

Check out our fcebook page for additional information and demo reel submission info.
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  • Cicu Taxe

    Giggle Garage comes up in the local news often for winning awards. But behind all that are things that you don’t see in the news.

    Low pay, very high workload, passionless working environment. They also use outdated software, insecure network. Very lacking in the IT department. Technical problems etc… As an animation company, we lack in-house software, using only some scripts for Autodesk Maya.

    The employers like to get contracts from other companies and are very secretive about everything they do. Being an animation company having its own IP, but instead of growing our own IP ourselves it is outsourced to other companies (Origanimals, a kids show). All that while we’re often made to work excessively on other companies’ IPs.

    More often than not, the employers don’t even know what we’re doing or are going through (to be fair we don’t know what they’re doing either as they are very secretive about company-related stuff). We, regular employees, don’t get anything for working excessively. Even our salaries often come in late. I’m just glad they don’t postpone our pay day for a month or more.

    Then, there’s the delayed contract renewal issue. Exactly as described in the other review here.

    We don’t even talk to the clients directly, always having to go through some middle-man. As such, we don’t know exactly what do the clients want, and even when it’s clearly the clients’ fault for being indecisive, inconsiderate and ignorant. The employers and higher-ups wouldn’t know, or understand and don’t even care to ask any employee.

    Most of the time, we can’t help but wonder if our clients know anything about animation at all. Their workflow order is all wrong, and most of the time we’re forced to abide by them and as such the incompetency of those clients actually affect our work. Our clients are suppose to be animation companies too, outsourcing their IPs, just like us.

    The higher-ups are happy to point their fingers at employees all the time no matter how hard we try, instead of cancelling contracts with incompetent clients. We’re akin to a “factory” that “manufactures” animation using “cheap labour”.

    As a result, regular employees have no love and loyalty towards the company and everyone will leave when some other opportunity comes. Everybody just wants to “get it done”. Everyody does things just to get by. So, often, if there’s any resignation, it’s done in groups.

    The employees also have huge network in the relatively small local animation industry. If you offend them you might never be able to work in the local animation industry ever again as they will back-stab you to employers of other local animation companies. Since the industry is really small everyone knows each other and words spread almost instantly.

    Rumour has it that the company doesn’t make any money but relies on funds from the Malaysian government (through some agency like MDeC, MSC…). Like every other MSC-endorsed company, there’s probably some “dirty money” flowing behind the scenes. So yeah, there’s possibly corruption. Hence why the higher-ups are so secretive about everything they do when it comes to the company.

    The way they hire new employees might be a bit problematic too. There was a case of a relatively attractive lady applying for a job but didn’t get it, then some other guy relatively big in size was accepted even though he hasn’t been doing his job well or at all, as he is always seen watching YouTube videos during working hours. Possibly sexism here.

    Please be more transparent, talk to your employees and listen to what your employees have to say.

    Please accept only knowledgeable and competent clients or else pay more heed to your own employees when they suffer the consequences of working with such clients.

    And we would have more love and passion for our work if we’re actually working on our own intellectual properties. Employee’s love for their work is key to company growth. Where is the love?